Thursday, October 31, 2013

peas peas me

here's a quicky before my new box comes today!

Purple Hull Peas - here i cooked them up, then later turned them into chili beans, a thing i usually do with a can of Pintos from a recipe i got from Wellness Reboot - basically smokey chili flavored.  And i served them over a baked sweet potato

Here is a delicious marinara that my son made using the basil

here is the before pic of sweet potato and butternut squash, onion, lemon and olive oil before going in to roast till really soft!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Local Box 10/17/19 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Here's a combo post - because wouldn't you know - that in between boxes i got really sick and didn't even eat for a bunch of days!

From that last box i did roast the sweet potatoes and squash as they lasted, and i made the purple hull peas.

Getting ready to go in the oven

So here's whats in the new box from last week:


Purple Hull Peas



Mustard Greens

Mesclun Salad Mix

Fuyu Persimmon

Sweet Potato

Key Lime

Already made up a batch of the peas and yesterday ate a bowl with some chopped up avocado and tomato and Tabasco, and today i had a bowl with chopped onion, nutritional yeast and Tabasco. Delish and quick.

Okra - I'm gonna roast these up too! I love roasted Okra.

Mustard Greens - sauteed up in my usual Good Ass Greens recipe

Persimmons - i'm not a huge fan of persimmons but have been having them every day in my new fave fall Green Smoothie - Almond Milk, half a frozen banana, a persimmon, a red apple, a tablespoon of peanut butter, spinach and cinnamon!

Sweet Potato - the ususal

Key Limes - a salad drssing from this Big List of No-oil Salad Dressings

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Fall all up in here

hey eaters - here's what's up for the first box of October!

Purple Hull Peas
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Potato
Louisiana Green Shallots
Asian Pears
Red Potatoes
Mini Pumpkins
Butternut Squash

the Peas - i'm gonna cook up like this - Purple Hull Peas from Fat Free Vegan - and eat with greens and quinoa

Sweet Peppers, salads or stir fries

Dill - some kind of salad dressing - like this Cucumber-Dill Ranch

Sweet Potato - i just bake these up in batches and have them with almost every meal!

Shallots - I used some today in Shitake Miso Soup!

Asian Pears - i love these, today i chopped one up in some vanilla soy yogurt, topped with pecans

Red Potatoes - it's roasted potato season!

Mini Pumpkins - they have a recipe with these, but i will probably use them for decoration :)

Butternut Squash - i'm craving these chopped up and roasted with onion and spices

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Local Box 9/19/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

This is a great box because it has almost all "ingredients" that i can add to what i'm already planning, or what i may throw together - i promise not to make mashed potatoes again though.

Meyer Lemon
Pea Shoots
Salad Mix
Asian Pears
Red Potatoes
Louisiana Green Shallots

Lemons - i love having a fridge full - i use them in salad dressings mostly, but may try this delicious looking Brussels Sprouts recipe from Fat Free Vegan, or this Lemony Quinoa with Butternut Squash

Pea Shoots - ohh look! With Avocados too - Avocado Beet Pea Shoot Salad

Red Potatoes & Rosemary & Green Shallots- my son wants to invent a potato soup with these

Avocado & Cilantro - I already made"fish" tacos made with Tempeh from Blissful Bites  and topped them with Avocado and Cilantro - but forgot a pic! doh

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Local Box 9/6/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Yikes, a new box is coming today and i haven't posted this box - i'm all outta whack

Ok here we go

Patty Pan Squash
New Mexico Peppers
Gold Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Popcorn on the cob
Jujube Fruits

Avocado - I used some here on a tofu scramble taco - with some amazing Mango salsa by the local Southern Heat & Pickled Spice - they make such good salsas with unique flavors

Patty Pan Squash - i love these, i dry sauteed some with some brussels sprouts, and drizzled with some lemon tahini dressing.

Microgreens  - so many nutrients packed in tiny leaves, love it - here they are topping a salad

I made mashed potatoes again - no photo

Butternut Squash - this time i made Macro "mac and cheeze" from Blissful Bites - vegan mac n cheeze with butternut squash.  super healthy, very delish AND you get a nice arm workout chopping the dang squash

Ok - hopefully I will writ another post tonight or tomorrow with the new box and get on track - happy eating!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Local Box 8/22/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Cantaloupe two times in a row makes me happy - here's how i ate some of it for breakfast - with strawberries, so delicious coconut yogurt, and pecans.

The rest of the box had:

Acorn Squash
Hot Peppers
Asian Pears
Green Onion
Purple Viking Potatoes
Sweet Red Onion
Butternut Squash

well seeing as this was almost two weeks ago now and the next box comes this week, here is what i made!

Chard - went in smoothies

Hot Peppers - well when i first got them out i didn't notice it said hot peppers and i started chopping one up for a salad, good thing i popped a piece in my mouth - ouch! So i saved it and sauteed it up for a taco later in the week - here it is atop tofu chorizo from the Wellness Reboot menu

Green onion - salads, tacos

Spearmint - as usual, when i get mint i make Goddess Mind Dressing from Blissful Bites cookbook by Christy Morgan - i'm addicted

Purple Viking Potatoes - added these to the potatoes from the last box - and made mashers - we all were happy

Butternut Squash - luckily a butternut squash soup was on my Wellness Reboot plan that i'm doing - sooo good and easy

Asian Pears i've been snacking on all week!

i don't have plan yet for the acorn squashes, but they last a while, so i'm sure will pop up later

oh and an added bonus, i finally at the spaghetti squash from a box of yore - just a dash of ume vinegar and some nooch, perfect

Friday, August 9, 2013

Local Box 7/8/13 - Vegan Greenling Mealplan

wow, when i go out of town and skip a week it feels like forevs till a new one comes. so exciting

here's the scoop

Cherry Tomatoes
Poona Kheera Cucumbers
Green Onion
Purple Potatoes
Spaghetti Squash
Popcorn on the cob

YES POPcorn on the cob - check them out! You just take off the husks, put them in a paper back, lay them in the microwave and pop-em. Groovy

So i am just finishing up week one of a 28 day plan - it's called the Wellness Reboot and it's designed my vegan Chef Christy Morgan - aka The Blissful Chef - i cook from her book Blissful Bites all the time.

It has a really fab menu, meal plan, recipes and workouts, super clean, healthy and delicious food - so all my meals right now are from that. I will do my best to adapt some recipes so as to use all my box food too. a fun adventure.

Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, Green Onion, and the Poona Kheera Cucumbers will all go in salads and also for snacks with dip or wraps.  In fact I made a wrap today with hummus and used the cucumbers in it, as well as sliced up some sticks of it for the side, you will see the cool color of this odd cucumber in the next post

Peaches and Cantaloupe will be my "sweet snacks" of the day if my son doesn't eat them first

Basil - Christy actually sometimes uses basil in smoothies, i tried, it, and it's GOOD! it can also probably be thrown into almost any recipe

Spaghetti Squash - I will probably just add this in as a vegetable side, so healthy and low cal and fat.

Purple Potatoes -these don't really seem adaptable to my meal plan but my kids LOVE purple mashed potatoes so there ya go.

see you next week

Monday, July 15, 2013

Local Box 7/11/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

oh summer - so much beautiful produce, and i love eating it mostly raw :)

here's the box:

Swiss Chard greens
Hon Tsai Tsai
Green Bell Peppers
Baby Carrots
Crookneck Squash
1015 Onion

Tomatoes - salads, and tonight i made sauteed onion and tomatoes and mixed it with lentils, delish, but I forgot to take a pic!

Basil - some kind of salad dressing - like this one Tahini Basil Salad Dressing

Greens - likely smoothies

Hon Tsai Tsai all the recipes i've looked up seem to be stir fries or sauteed, so we shall see what happens

Green Bell Peppers - probably salads or raw slices with hummus

Fennel - I may try grilling - supposed to have a veg grill fiesta next weekend with my brother and fam

Mangoes - i love Mangoes, so they will probably get gobbled up, altho the box came with a very delectable sounding Mango Salsa recipe that also uses the green bell pepper

in fact i used one this morning with strawberries, oats, coconut yogurt, and pecans, like a parfait

Baby Carrots - see Bell Peppers

Squash - maybe grill!


quicky post with last weeks makings:

on the fourth we grilled the corn! I also threw on the sweet peppers and some veggie dogs, I topped my dog with the grilled peppers.

Beautiful Tomatoes! I ate them topped on toast and guacamole, with some carrot sticks from the box before that that were still around!

Another item that was still around from the previous box that I didn't write about was a spaghetti squash - I roasted it and topped it with a delicious sun dried tomato sauce that used a box tomato. The recipe was from Christy Morgan's Wellness Reboot meal plan - I got to recipe test it - check out the plan HERE - and get a kick start on getting healthy and feeling great!

Beets, chard and spinach went in smoothies, Cantaloupe for breakfasts and snacks for me and Gabe! happy times

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Local Box 6/27/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

hey folks - so I totally missed an entire Local Box - i got the box, and ate the food - but no post. My laptop decided to take a week long sick break.

It's reached the height of summer heat - so pretty much from now till September it will be smoothies, salads, grilling and light meals

Here is this weeks delightful oontents:

Corn - my fave summer vegetable
Swiss  Chard
Malabar Spinach
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Onion

Ahhh Corn, just in time for July 4, gonna grill them up to have with our veggie dogs, watermelon and ice cream.

Tomatoes - in a salad no doubt, with the Spinach. or open faced on hummus and toast

Swiss Chard - honestly i can't picture doing anything other than throwing these and the Spinach in green smoothies

Sweet Peppers - i am imagining grilling these up and eating them on my veggie dog

Microgreens - salad

Cantaloupe - my son and i ADORE cantaloupe and have been eating it every day, i have added it to smoothies before but i think it will be all gone before i get to!

Beets - I love shredded beets and carrots in salad. Also love to add beets to smoothies for added nutrition oomph

Spearmint - maybe some iced mint green tea!

see you next week with the results

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Local Box 5/30/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

oh joy - PEACHES! I read in the paper how our local peach crop has suffered this year due to the weather, late frosts and stuff, so i was soooo glad to have them in my box this week!

Here are the contents:

Yellow Beans
Swiss Chard
Garlic Chives
Sweet yellow onion

Peaches - smoothies, cereal, maybe grilled, it's time to get the grill going

Yellow Beans - Garlic Yellow Beans - delish looking

I'm craving pizza lately, I literally can't stop thinking about it. So I found these two recipes - one for Radicchio pizza with Truffle Oil from Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet - and another for Caramelized Onion and wilted Swiss Chard pizza

Beets & Carrots - I may roast and snack on,  and use in smoothies

here's a radicchio for your entertainment

Collards - i've already used them in smoothies
Grapefruit also!
Garlic Chives - these are the wild card, we shall see where they end up

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hot under the Collard Greens

I'm going to have to double up, and post the local box post tomorrow - meanwhile here are the goodies from the last box!

Here is the Collard Greens with Lentils, Tomatoes & Indian Spices, a success dish for sure.

Herbed Home Fries from Happy Herbivore - super delicious!

A basic side salad with the carrots, lettuce and Goddess Mint Dressing from Blissful Bites

Kale salad with carrots and kohlrabi

Berry Berry Quinoa with the Ah-mazing strawberries!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Local Box 5/16/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

sorry there weren't two posts for the last box, but by the time i posted the contents I had already used most of it!
I'm being on time now, check it!

Red & Yukon Potatoes
Green Kohlrabi
Collard Greens
Spearmint Plant
Green Onions

So tonight I'm going to make a basic Kale salad - massaged leaves with avocado, carrot, green onion, lemon juice, and maybe I will dd some diced mango or strawberries!

Also I am going to make Herbed Home Fries from Happy Herbivore cookbook with the potatoes. 

Kohlrabi - i may try to steam it this time, i bought an interesting salt free seasoning at Penzey's the other day that i have yet to try, it may be good on this

Collard Greens - if they don't just end up in smoothies, I'm going to make this Collard Greens with Lentils, Tomatos & Indian Spices because i have a bag of red lentils sitting around in my pantry and it looks amazing and easy

if you know me and my blog at all, you know that when ever i get mint i make the Mint Goddess dressing from Blissful Bites - not sure if Spearmint is the same but I'm going to do it anyway!

So that dressing will go on my lettuce for my salads - and that is that folks!

here's a kohlrabi for your entertainment

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Local Box 5/2/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

oh my goodness, i've been a bit too busy of late and this post is super late, so i have actually already made tons of stuff with this box, so it's kind of a combo post :)


Swiss Chard
Salad Mix
Green Onion
Rainbow Carrots

 Strawberries! They don't last long so most have them have gone into the daily smoothies - but my son and I did make these strawberry cupcakes - he didn't want to use food coloring for the frosting so he decided to blend up some strawberries and mix them in - it made the frosting kind of watery, but yummy

Arugula - I made the same wrap as last week, but I used Chickpeas mushed up with BBQ sauce  - no picture the Arugula was good in it! I have some left so probably in salads

Kale - Look at this black bean, quinoa and kale bowl from the Happy Herbivore meal plan - it was called Caribbean Black Bean Bowl

Swiss Chard - Ok, this was the only item that could be the swiss chard, but it doesn't look like it to me - what do you think? Whatever it was, i made my old fave - Nice Ass Greens from Vegan Lazy Smurf - well because they are nice!

Kohlrabi - chopped up in salads

Salad Mix & Lettuce - let's see what insane salads a make this week - I did already make one with the Rainbow Carrots - look how gorgeous they are!

Green Onion - this was an odd but amazingly delicious breakfast that was on the Happy Herbivore Meal Plan - brown rice with pineapple and Green onion, i added a few drops of Sriracha - divine

Fennel - here's the Potatoes and Fennel - simple and good - from Fat Free Vegan

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So much food, not enough Thyme

actually there is plenty of Thyme - but i do have to admit it is hard sometimes to find the time to cool everything! that's why i'm glad i get my box every two weeks, even though i'm jealous the week i don't get it...

first of all, i did make this Vegetarian Chickpea Curry with Turnips and it was really good - but i forgot to photograph it! very easy to make, i recommend it

here are my insane salads of the week - they all have the Creamy House Dressing from Dreena Burton's Plant Powered 15 e-cookbook - i used the Thyme in the dressing
from top to bottom:

Lettuce & Mixed greens from box, palm hearts, corn, carrots from box, strawberries, steamed yam, red onion, quinoa.

 Kale from box, massaged with lemon juice and avocado, and all the same stuff as above

 Actually this one isn't insane, it's normal, but the delicious mixed greens from box and that insane dressing

Orange Scones from the Skinny Bitch - The Ultimate Every Day Cookbook by Kim Barnouin.  These were sublime - my son and i fought for the last one
This week I'm doing one of the Happy Herbivore meal plans - it's great, it's $5 for a weeks meal plan or you can sign up for monthly for $18 i think. You get the calendar menu, shopping list, recipes, snack list and info. I love it.
Here is what i made that was in the plan with Local Box items!

Creamy Carrot Soup

Chipotle Black Bean wrap with a bunch of Arugula

Steamed Kale and Teriyaki Chickpeas and Pineapple - OMG

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Local Box 4/18/13 - Vegan Greenling meal plan

this box was heavy!

Live Thyme Plant
Salad Mix
Baby Carrots

I really want to try to use the thyme here and there, intuitively, in things. we shall see

But I can use thyme AND carrots in this Thyme-Marinated Carrots

Kale - i always want to use kale in smoothies - but i'm kind of craving a "bowl" - like the ones in Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Basically a grain, steamed veggies and a sauce. I am liking the sound of Mexicana Kale Bowl - brown rice, black beans, steamed kale, steamed sweet potato with Red Velvet Mole

Arugula and Lettuce - Salads - But I think i will use most of the Arugula in Curried Scrambled Tofu with Wilted Arugula, also from Appetite for Reduction

Orange - I am dying to make these Orange Scones from Skinny Bitch - Utimate Everyday Cookbook by Kim Barnouin

Fennel - I've made this before - Fingerling Potatoes and Fennel - and it was so good, simple and i love potatoes.
Also this Carrot and Fennel Soup looks easy and tasty and uses the Carrots, yes! we shall see.... 

Turnip - I got so over turnips a couple of months ago when i kept getting so many, but i was just roasting them, I think i will try this Chickpea Curry with Turnips!

check this out, I made a super delicious smoothie for breakfast this morning with an orange, a grapefruit, almond milk, banana, frozen mango, cashews, goji berries and kale  - and i enjoyed it with a lovely mug of strawberry green tea

Thursday, April 18, 2013

the legend of the girl who ate an entire head of cauliflower...

it's about me - and the story goes like this - a girl cut up a cauliflower head one evening, tossed it in some olive oil and roasted it, generously smothered in Nutritional Yeast - then proceeded to eat the whole thing.

The End

I have a feeling this legend will be repeated

for the rest of the stuff - I made a TON of salads, I have always loved salads but lately have been making my own dressings and am even MORE in love with salads

Here's one with the mixed salad greens, and the Orange Miso Dressing from Dreena Burton's e-book The Plant Powered 15 - oil free too! served with a Field Roast Italian sausage and a rice/lentil mix

here's a big ole salad with a ton of stuff, using the lettuce, some arugula, choopped up raw Kohlrabi (which is SO GOOD).

Here's the Swiss Chard and Chickpeas from Color me Vegan by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Also from that cookbook is the Baked Potato and Mushroom

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Local Box 4/4/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Ermergerrrd Strerberries!!

sorry, my daughter is mad me for putting that.  but seriously! Strawberries are my fave, and such a short lived appearance.

Here's the full list:

Swiss Chard
Salad Mix

Strawberries - no recipe needed, they will go in Gabe's lunchbox, smoothies and at least one salad

Arugula, Lettuce, Salad Mix - will all be my mega salads!

Mushrooms - Mushroom Topped Baked Potatoes from Color Me Vegan by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Chard - Lemony Pan Fried Chickpeas with Chard from Color Me Vegan again

Curried Cauliflower Soup - from Color Me Vegan - i'm on a Collen kick because she was just here for Austin Veg Fest and i had to work and missed seeing her :( :( :(

Oranges - besides smoothies, I am going to make Orange Miso Dressing from Dreena Buron's new downloadable e-cookbook - Plant Powered 15

Kohlrabi - well i'm a little stumped but I trust Fat Free Vegan so I'm going to try this Kohlrabi & Carrot Soup
Strawberries & Cheerios - simple delish breakfast for  Gabe

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mint Condish

Am i the only one obsessed with that quote?
A reusable shopping bag from The Gill Agency to the person that tells me what movie that's from :)

well I already showed you all the photo of Goddess Mint Dressing, but here it is again because it's so amazing. It's from Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan. Here is her website - The Blissful Chef - it's the perfect mix of salty, tang and sweet.

My other winner this week was also from Blissful Bites - Broccoli Salad with Creamy Mustard Dressing

I used radishes from the box and took it to Easter feast at my parents house.

I also used some limes on sauteed asparagus for Easter. But didn't get a picture.

Most of the last box was salad stuff, avocado, greens, kale, lettuce, even the cauliflower.
I did make the creamy curried veggies i mentioned last week, but it wasn't too great, so let's just not dwell shall we?
see you in a few with the next box!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Local Box 3/21/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Brrrrr, why? why is it cold again. Oh well it helped me in one of my meal decisions this week

first I will start off with a couple of items left over from the last box:

Here is the broccoli tempeh saute from Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, served with brown rice. Super easy and tasty

Here is a salad that uses the red leaf lettuce, some raw broccoli and shredded beets

Ok on to this weeks box (or last weeks as i'm writing this, sigh)

Pea Shoots
Spring Mix

Pea Shoots, Spring Mix, Lettuce, Radishes, Avocado all go in Salads like this one - gee, i could add celery and cauliflower and kale and pretty much use the whole box for salads.

However, thanks to the cold weather, I am going to use the Cauliflower in a creamy vegetable curry from How it All Vegan, an old staple cook book by Tanya Bernard & Sarah Kramer. It's really good an been ages since I made it.

Whenever i get Mint - i have to make my fave salad dressing in the world - Goddess Mint Dressing from the Blissful Chef's cookbook Blissful Bites - so easy, toss it all in a blender! I doubled the recipe so I could have it all week.

This weeks radish bunch was HUGE - so I'm going to use another recipe from Blissful Bites and make Broccoli Salad with creamy mustard dressing.  In the past i've also made Radish Sandwiches which are weirdly good.

Limes - I haven't decided, maybe raspberry lime muffins i used to make if i can find that recipe. They make good salad dressings, and are in a lot of recipes here and there that I may not plan

Kale - I haven't made a good kale salad in a while