Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vegan Greenling Has MOVED!

hey people who read this i have some new - Greenling has now become Farmhouse Delivery. They bought Greenling and offer the same beautiful local veggies and fruits delivered to your door!

They transitioned us loyal customers extremely smoothly - and so I decided to totally redo the blog, change the name to Vegan Bushel (local boxes are now called Bushels) and move it over to Wordpress for a smoother look...

so please go and follow me there!  
I'll keep this blog up for past recipes, at least for a while

bye bye Vegan Greenling!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 12/28/15 (updated)

***UPDATE*** Greenling answered me on twitter (follow them @greenling) as to why the random items - the recent weather madness impacted crops!! so they had to scramble - i love that they can, and i'm always happy with whatever i get :)

i'm such a neglectorino - haven't posted since october - no excuses it is what it is!

Got my lovely box yesterday - it's funny, this time there was a lot of things on the list that I did not get - at all.  the list in the box mentioned carrots, tomatoes, cress, cabbage, turnips... I got none of that - however I did get some things not on the list, so they replaced it all!! I don't feel slighted at all altho I would have loved some cherry toms.

here's what i got:

Lettuce - looks like a butter lettuce
and the renegade items:
Bok Choy
Watermelon Radish
Green beans
regular radishes - red and white

alright here's the plan

Bok Choy - i just want to saute these with some mushrooms and tamari and ume vinegar

Cauliflower - Cream of Cauliflower Soup from the Plant Powered Families cookbook  by Dreena Burton - it has Polenta croutons on it!!

Grapefruit - i love Green smoothies made with grapefruit

Radishes - i'm sort of over watermelon radishes so am passing them on to a friend who loves them, but the other little cuties - i ate some in a salad today but i've decided to roast the rest - thanks to a bunch of blogs online touting their roasted glory

Collards - New Years Day good luck food! My fave way to eat these are in collard spring roll wraps

Green Beans -  Also from The Plant Powered Families Cookbook there is this amazing recipe that I've made before called Saucy BBQ chickpeas and Green Beans - made with a yummy homemade bbq sauce and roasted in the oven!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 10/5/15

again i'm woefully behind but on the plus side, i've been busy preparing and eating all my fresh veggies.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to recieve my beautiful green box full of the colors and shapes and tastes of nature, all grown locally and lovingly....

This post will have some foods from the last box that i didn't blog about.

so this week i got

Assorted Sqash
Collard Greens
Butternut Squash
Suyo Cucumbers
Bibb Lettuce
Shishito Peppers
Meyer Lemons

well i just steamed the two lovely squashes i got,  yellow zucchini and a pale green pattypan and am about to eat them for breakfast, so there's that!

Collard Greens - i want to make a raw-ish spring roll, either blanching the leaves or plain and wrapping them around some jullienned veggies with some hummus spread too.  I bought red bell, jicama and carrots for this!  something like this   - Raw Collard Green Wraps

Microgreens - i LOVE these babies, they taste good even just plain stuffed into my mouth. however i usedt them in this potato salad thing. Roasted red postates, tomatoes, microgreens, Dill, annnddd those very yummy Suyo Cucumbers and a dollop of hummus

Here's another version from another day - i ate this several times this past week:

those cucumbers were so good, they were very long and skinny and curved and had a more ridged skin, and i couldn't stop eating them!

Meyer Lemons - oh yeah, these were squeezed on the above salads!

Shishito Peppers - i love these grilled in restaurants with the big salt on them, but i'd have to dig up my grill pan since maybe not. so i could ROAST them instead!

here are some things from the past box:

pretty white eggplant, green bell peppers,  and yellow zucchinis that i roasted into roasted oil free rattatouille

long green beans and zuchhini sauteed

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 9/7/15

Happy Labor Day!

Malabar Spinach
Garlic Chives
Sweet Peppers
Butternut Squash
Fingerling Potatoes

According to the Greenling insert - Malabar Spinach is not directly related to spinach, it's more like a "very distant cousin" Raw it has a peppery flavor but cooked is more spinach-y, so I will likely just saute this either alone as a side to a meal or with some Field Roast sausage & peppers.

Spaking of Peppers...see above

Pears: well just today I made a juice in the vitamix of Pears, an apple and frozen blueberries, it was delish.

Limes - I can never have enough limes, however I am going to make this Tahini Lime Salad Dressing as I have some basil in the fridge too, and you know i'm a huge fan of Tahini dressings!

Butternut Squash - I am going to try a Butternut Squash and Quinoa chilli from Chef AJ's ultimate weight loss program - it has all of my fave ingredients - black beans, jalapeno, corn, fire roasted tomatoes....

Fingerling Potatoes - roasted, say no more

Eggplant - i'm going to attempt roasting in think slices with no oil - sprinkled with italian seasonings. Maybe onions and garlic on there too

Jujubes - not a fan - we will see.... here's a pic of them though because they are kind of interesting i just don't love the taste that much and haven't found anything amazing to do with them otherwise

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local box 8/24/15

Hi people - sometimes the box deliveries go buy and i've eaten up all the goodies and then it's too late for a blog post!!

So here's last week's box:

Butternut Squash
Assorted Peppers
Basil & Mint
Sunflower Shoots
Sweet potatoes
Lady Cream Peas

I'm afraid i didn't really take any pictures this week, back to school business meant i was just cooking, eating, putting in tupperwear ect...

i love the sunflower shoots!! I added them to a salad one day and then i made this amazing Avocado spread with mashed chickpeas, cilantro, red onion and the Shoots - so freaking delicious - i HAD to take a pic of this photogenic beauty

Basil & Mint - these went in amazing smoothies, i really love adding herbs to smoothies - it gives a little surprise taste depth

Cucumbers - ended up in a delish salad from the 22 Day Revolution book that i picked up from the library - it has some good recipes! I made a cucumber, zucchini, carrot salad, spiralized with a tahini dressing!

Lady Cream Peas cooked up i my Instapot Electric Pressure cooker, and I ate them with baked Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash and brown rice, simple and delicious.

New box tomorrow so will do a better job keeping up! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 7/13/15

this box may just be one of my faves ever so much that I love about Summertime!

here are the contents:

Red Potatos
Jew Mallow
Red & Yellow Tomatos
Assorted Squash
Poblano Peppers

Mango - a delish breakfast
Peaches & Canteloupe will be the same!

Red Potatoes - i just roast these and eat them with beans or chili all the time

Okra - LOOK - i just roasted them with some Tony Chahere's then eat them right away! I could do this every day

The tomatoes - there just isn't anything like a fresh farmer's market tomato! I ate the yellow one in a bowl of rice & beans and my son had the little red one on a a vegan grilled cheeze

Squash i just ate steamed with vinegar and nooch on top - i loved the mixed colors

Jew Mallow - i have yet to find a recipe that really appeals to me.... we shall see, may be guinea pig food!

Poblano Peppers - I think i'm going to get my boyfriend to make these amazing looking Vegan Stuffed Poblanos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Fourth of July!

it's been quite a while folks and i apologize - seems i've been too busy to actually make stuff from the box and have resorted to just steaming a veg, making a quick salad and chomping on the fruit as is. Which is all good and delicious and nutritious

Got an amazing box on 6/29 and layed it all out on my counter and failed to take a photo - booooo

but here's what it had

Finglerling potatoes
Heirloom Garlic
Mixed tomatoes
Spaghetti Squash
Multiplying Onions - ??? not sure what that means
Bibb Lettuce
Bell Pepper

again no photos but I have already eaten an amazing salad of just the lettuce and one of the tomatoes that i just splashed with balsamic only.  That tomato was was the most delish thing I've ever eaten. i could eat a million just plain

I baked that spaghetti squash and ate it with just some balsamic, pepper and nutritional yeast.

Bell pepper had some raw as a snack!

Today for a 4th of july pot luck my boyfriend who is a gooood cook made this incredible potato salad from the fingerling potaotos (we suplemented with another bag of them from Wheatsville)
Roasted the potatos with some olive oil, salt and pepper then tossed with a combo of unsweetened coconut yogurt & vegenaise, some of the multiplying onions, dill and garlic (shhhhh we won't tell the other people it's vegan)