Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Local Box 12/22/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan Christmas Edition!

Because my delivery day happens to fall on Christmas Day - I got my box a few days early this week! Perfect, just in time for holiday cooking!

just a quick rundown of what I made from last box:

I did try collard wraps, steamed the collards a bit to get them soft then wrapped up hummus and cucumber, it was good but messy
I also sauteed some collard with onion, vinegar and nooch

Roasted potato and turnip & Buttenut -  made a batch and ate it with a few meals, such as mixing it with quinoa, and black lentils.

here is the salad with the vegan ceasar & the ranibow carrots.

Used a couple of the potaoes to make this potato casserole in the slow cooke frm The Vegan Slow Cooker cookbook.  It was kind of like scalloped potatoes!

Ok onto this box:

Watermelon Radish
Baby Spinach
Red Mustard Greens
Beka Santoh

Lot's of ideas!

I found a recipe for a Strawberry Sorrel smoothie and already tried that this morning - it's cute the the website shows a pretty soft pink smoothie because of course with the greens and strawberry mix it was actually kind of murky brown/green.
I used almond milk and no stevia or ice as I don't like stevia nor too cold smoothies.  However still it tasted too light and springy for this chilly blustery second day of witner, so i added some almond butter and cinnamon to kind of ground it and get it more earthy and warm and then it was really perfect!

Tomorrow i will try this Kumquat Apple Ginger Green smoothie!

Avocados could go in a salad but my son today requested an old fave - toast spread with avocado, topped with sea salt and red onion. He declared he wanted it every day now so there goes all the avocado

Beka Santoh - my research shows it's a light asian cabbage, it looks very tasty and fresh and can't wait to try it in a salad with the lettuce and maybe sorrel.

Mustard Greens - I'm trying to just try sauteeing simply most of the hearty greens I get, I used to be more into recipes for greens but find its easiest and actually tastiest to saute with onion or garlic and a bit of vinegar.

Watermelon Radish - I promised a kale salad to Christmas lunch so look at this Kale Detox salad that has watermelon radish and apple....

Broccoli - steamed and plain, my fave

Spinach, probably in that Kumquat smoothie!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Local Box 12/11/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Wow - Just look at this green explosion in this weeks box!!

truly amazing, so here is what all that is:

Brussels Sprouts Greens
Collard Greens
Butternut Squash
Rainbow Carrots with tops
Marrs Oranges
Yukon Potatoes

so apparently Brussel Sprout greens can be cooked like any other green, I i will probably sautee and serve with dash of vinegar and nutritional yeast, my fave way

Collard Greens - i've been seeing lots of recipes for collard wraps, so i think i want to do that, with some kind of peanut dipping sauce.

Lettuce - salads, i just made a really amazing vegan ceasar dressing with soaked cashews, lemon juice, capers ect.. i can't wait to have it on a salad

Turnips & Butternut roasted with some olive oil and salt, maybe these will go in the collard wraps

Persimmons - smoothies, with the oranges or tangerines

Kale - also smoothies, and massaged kale salads, my daughter is addicted to these

Potatoes - maybe mashed, maybe roasted

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vegan Greenling - The Thanksgiving Edition

Oh lordy this is a food extravaganza filled post.
I have still to post from that last box AND because my next box would have fallen on Thanksgiving day, I got it the Monday before, which was perfect because I was able to use the contents for my Thanksgiving meal.

Ok first up let's get the last box out of the way, here are my makings:

Roasted the Kholrabi & the Radish, with olive oil and salt and OMG amazing

Green Onion Hummus - this was so good - here it is served on a whole wheat tortilla with some Trader Joe's frozen falafel

Here are those incredible Orange Cranberry Muffins - i am kind of addicted to them and so is my son

here is a curry simmer with collard greens as one of the many vegetables
Before cooking up
after it was all ready!

So onto Thanksgiving, the box arrived Monday - i was leaving wednesday for Thanksgiving in Marfa, so the timing was ideal!

I took pretty much the entire box with me:

Carrots w/tops
Yukina Spinach
Sweet Potatoes
Bibb Lettuce
Broccoli Greens
Marrs Oranges

I used the sweet potatoes  AND oranges in Rosemary Citrus Sweet Potatoes from Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas.

I also used the red potatoes from the last box that were still perfect, for Mashed Potatoes

Not from the box i Made a Kale and cranberry salad and fresh cranberry sauce

here is the plate of it all with a bunch of other stuff!

one day i Steamed the broccoli greens and sorrel together, wanting just a huge plate of greens - it tasted ok but wasn't a great idea, the sorrel is much less hardy and so while the broccoli greens were perfect, the sorrel was over cooked.

I don't have a photo but made a delish salad with the bibb lettuce, a carrot, a bell pepper i bought out in Marfa, a cut up raw kolhrabi i had left from the other box and mades some dressing with Just Mayo, lemon juice, mustard and balsamic.

Luckily i was house sitting so had a whole kitchen with which to cook!

Oh and i also made a carrot soup from Happy Herbivore!  super easy and my son even ate it