Friday, October 9, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 10/5/15

again i'm woefully behind but on the plus side, i've been busy preparing and eating all my fresh veggies.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to recieve my beautiful green box full of the colors and shapes and tastes of nature, all grown locally and lovingly....

This post will have some foods from the last box that i didn't blog about.

so this week i got

Assorted Sqash
Collard Greens
Butternut Squash
Suyo Cucumbers
Bibb Lettuce
Shishito Peppers
Meyer Lemons

well i just steamed the two lovely squashes i got,  yellow zucchini and a pale green pattypan and am about to eat them for breakfast, so there's that!

Collard Greens - i want to make a raw-ish spring roll, either blanching the leaves or plain and wrapping them around some jullienned veggies with some hummus spread too.  I bought red bell, jicama and carrots for this!  something like this   - Raw Collard Green Wraps

Microgreens - i LOVE these babies, they taste good even just plain stuffed into my mouth. however i usedt them in this potato salad thing. Roasted red postates, tomatoes, microgreens, Dill, annnddd those very yummy Suyo Cucumbers and a dollop of hummus

Here's another version from another day - i ate this several times this past week:

those cucumbers were so good, they were very long and skinny and curved and had a more ridged skin, and i couldn't stop eating them!

Meyer Lemons - oh yeah, these were squeezed on the above salads!

Shishito Peppers - i love these grilled in restaurants with the big salt on them, but i'd have to dig up my grill pan since maybe not. so i could ROAST them instead!

here are some things from the past box:

pretty white eggplant, green bell peppers,  and yellow zucchinis that i roasted into roasted oil free rattatouille

long green beans and zuchhini sauteed