Thursday, May 16, 2013

Local Box 5/16/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

sorry there weren't two posts for the last box, but by the time i posted the contents I had already used most of it!
I'm being on time now, check it!

Red & Yukon Potatoes
Green Kohlrabi
Collard Greens
Spearmint Plant
Green Onions

So tonight I'm going to make a basic Kale salad - massaged leaves with avocado, carrot, green onion, lemon juice, and maybe I will dd some diced mango or strawberries!

Also I am going to make Herbed Home Fries from Happy Herbivore cookbook with the potatoes. 

Kohlrabi - i may try to steam it this time, i bought an interesting salt free seasoning at Penzey's the other day that i have yet to try, it may be good on this

Collard Greens - if they don't just end up in smoothies, I'm going to make this Collard Greens with Lentils, Tomatos & Indian Spices because i have a bag of red lentils sitting around in my pantry and it looks amazing and easy

if you know me and my blog at all, you know that when ever i get mint i make the Mint Goddess dressing from Blissful Bites - not sure if Spearmint is the same but I'm going to do it anyway!

So that dressing will go on my lettuce for my salads - and that is that folks!

here's a kohlrabi for your entertainment

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Local Box 5/2/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

oh my goodness, i've been a bit too busy of late and this post is super late, so i have actually already made tons of stuff with this box, so it's kind of a combo post :)


Swiss Chard
Salad Mix
Green Onion
Rainbow Carrots

 Strawberries! They don't last long so most have them have gone into the daily smoothies - but my son and I did make these strawberry cupcakes - he didn't want to use food coloring for the frosting so he decided to blend up some strawberries and mix them in - it made the frosting kind of watery, but yummy

Arugula - I made the same wrap as last week, but I used Chickpeas mushed up with BBQ sauce  - no picture the Arugula was good in it! I have some left so probably in salads

Kale - Look at this black bean, quinoa and kale bowl from the Happy Herbivore meal plan - it was called Caribbean Black Bean Bowl

Swiss Chard - Ok, this was the only item that could be the swiss chard, but it doesn't look like it to me - what do you think? Whatever it was, i made my old fave - Nice Ass Greens from Vegan Lazy Smurf - well because they are nice!

Kohlrabi - chopped up in salads

Salad Mix & Lettuce - let's see what insane salads a make this week - I did already make one with the Rainbow Carrots - look how gorgeous they are!

Green Onion - this was an odd but amazingly delicious breakfast that was on the Happy Herbivore Meal Plan - brown rice with pineapple and Green onion, i added a few drops of Sriracha - divine

Fennel - here's the Potatoes and Fennel - simple and good - from Fat Free Vegan

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So much food, not enough Thyme

actually there is plenty of Thyme - but i do have to admit it is hard sometimes to find the time to cool everything! that's why i'm glad i get my box every two weeks, even though i'm jealous the week i don't get it...

first of all, i did make this Vegetarian Chickpea Curry with Turnips and it was really good - but i forgot to photograph it! very easy to make, i recommend it

here are my insane salads of the week - they all have the Creamy House Dressing from Dreena Burton's Plant Powered 15 e-cookbook - i used the Thyme in the dressing
from top to bottom:

Lettuce & Mixed greens from box, palm hearts, corn, carrots from box, strawberries, steamed yam, red onion, quinoa.

 Kale from box, massaged with lemon juice and avocado, and all the same stuff as above

 Actually this one isn't insane, it's normal, but the delicious mixed greens from box and that insane dressing

Orange Scones from the Skinny Bitch - The Ultimate Every Day Cookbook by Kim Barnouin.  These were sublime - my son and i fought for the last one
This week I'm doing one of the Happy Herbivore meal plans - it's great, it's $5 for a weeks meal plan or you can sign up for monthly for $18 i think. You get the calendar menu, shopping list, recipes, snack list and info. I love it.
Here is what i made that was in the plan with Local Box items!

Creamy Carrot Soup

Chipotle Black Bean wrap with a bunch of Arugula

Steamed Kale and Teriyaki Chickpeas and Pineapple - OMG