Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Bounty!

So far this is what i have made

Spring Harvest Mexican Bowl - i'm sad i cannot share the recipe but it's top secret as i'm lucky enough to be recipe testing for this amazing lady who is writing a vegan cookbook - but i'm posting the pic as it does include Kale & Carrots & onions from the box, and the chimichurri sauce it's topped with is made with cilatntro which many people got in their box this past week (i got mint)

If you want to drool over Krys' food like i have done for the past year or so then check out her website at Cooking With Two Vegan Boys and be in the know when the cookbook comes out! 

I did indeed make that Spicy Radish Sandwich - it was surprisinglys delish, i love sandwiches. I used WholeSoy soy yogurt instead, and i did not have Garam Masala so used curry powder instead. Yummy spicy sweet flavors. Weird & good :)  I think i will make this again. I used gluten free bread and my pic is open faced because i figured it would fall apart if i cut it.

I also did make that amazing looking Warm Potato & Dandelion Greens Salad and it was off the hook. Yeah i said that.  I really could have eaten the entire recipe by  myself in one sitting, perfect tang & bitter and creamy potato combo. easy too. I cut my potatoes up because they weren't that tiny & so there weren't many in 1/2 lb. Oh nd the coarse sea salt on top was the final deliciousness.

I've been using the carrots & avo in salads. giving drizzle lots of bits of greens and i attempted the roasted tomatoes and burned them, but let's not talk about that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Greenling Box 3/24 - Dandelion Greens woah

Dandelion greens are a total newbie for me but they are known for their detoxifying and they have a ton of vitamin C & A & iron.
I also got some spearmint apprantly! The list says "herb" and it didn't smell totally minty to me so i took a pic and put the call out on twitter - two people said mint or maybe lemon balm but the folks at Greenling confirmed spearmint. - not sure what to do with it, tea maybe

here's the list:

3 Tomatoes
Dandelion Greens
LA Shallots
2 Avocados

The Carrots look amazing! really fat carrots with a ton of green tops that will make my guinea pig Drizzle extremely happy

Tomatoes i usually chop for salads or slice for sandwhiches, but the Greenling Box came with a quicky recipe for Roasted sliced Tomatos that sounds too good to not doo. just olive oil & vinegar, garlic, salt, peper & sugar (?) and roast till they begin to carmelize - ok yum

Dandelion Greens - This Warm New Potato & Dandelion Green Salad seems so perfect for the spring transtion from hot foods to cool salads, & i lurve new potatos

RADishes - i am excited to have these, they seem to always be in the box on the weeks i don't get delivery!
I'm really Torn between making a vegan version of this Spicy Radish Sandwich - or this Quinoa w/ROASTED Radishes - so we'll see what happens.  I love fancy sandwhiches - but anything roasted and anything quinoa are obviously gonna be winners

I don't want the Radish Green tops to go to waste so check out all these things to do with Radish Greens - http://www.ehow.com/how_5620696_use-radish-greens.html

Spinach & Kale - i want to make this ridiculously good looking BLT SALAD from Vegan YumYum, it's not the same kind of kale but it should work. I'm still craving that Kale chickpea salad from last box so i may just make that again instead!

Avocados just don't last long, i eat them daily in salads & spread on toast.

Alright, gotta get cooking!

Monday, March 21, 2011

This Kale Salad is cra cra

i'm kind of freaking out on how good this salad is

i have loved the kale ceasar salad from Counter Culture, craved the avocado kale salad from Wholefoods raw bar, but had not attempted my own, daunted by the massaging the kale step of the process. This recipe doesn't say to do that but i did anyway as i have heard it's what makes raw kale soft and more palatable (massaging with the dressing)

This salad takes the cake. Spicy roasted chickpeas, ceasary tangy cashew based dressing, avocado.

Roasted Spiced Chickpeas over Kale with Ceaser Dressing

definitely a keeper

Saturday, March 19, 2011

raw bok choy & apple salad & more

Like i said in my last post i was getting a little tired of cooking bok choy, and in light of the Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse i'm on i was thrilled to find this Bok Choy Apple Salad recipe

It is SO freakin good. Crisp, tangy, sweet, fresh, crunchy & easy :)

Also cooked my collards with the muli colored carrots in this super simple recipe [Collards & Carrots]- i just used Earth Balance instead of butter. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this as my entire meal but i shared it with a friend and ate it with a slice of toast spread with Grandma's Hummus - the best hummus in Austin!

Otherwise have been enjoying my green juices & fresh salads using Kale, mushrooms & carrots

still to come Roasted chick pea & kale salad

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleansing - Greenling local box 3/10/11

so i'm on week 2 of the 21 day cleanse from Crazy Sexy Diet - feeling good, happy, energetic and still jonesing for coffee. 
It's convenient that this box is so full of greens!
So here's the list

Bibb Lettuce
Spring Onions
Green Kale
Navel ORanges
Bok Choy
Multi Colored Carrots

On this cleanse i am juicing and making green smoothies daily, so i know it's a bit boring but that's where a lot of the greens are going, kale juice & collard smoothies - delish
Even my 9 year old son likes Green Smoothies!

I've been really into kale & mushrooms lately, sauteing them  - so i think i will try this recipe for Braised Kale, Potato & Mushrooms

I also have a can of lovely chickpeas in the pantry so my do this recipe also or instead  - Roasted Chickpeas over Kale with Ceasar Dressing - roasted chickpeas are deeelish

This Collard & Carrot recipe will be perfect - minus the butter

Bok Choy - again! this time gonna try it raw - in this Bok Choy & Apple Salad

Lettuce in salads!
Oranges...just to eat
Tomatoes in salad and on top of Toast & Hummus, or in baked tofu sandwiches, with the lettuce & onions.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mushrooms FTW and more...

I think one of the best things i made out of this box was this Creamy Mushroom Fetuccini with the Cremini Mushrooms:

And this divine Pizza that Also had some of the spinach & the leek! I sauted the mushroom & leek before putting it on. easy peasy

Here are two salads, the first one is a basic one where i used the avocado and the carrots, the second is spinach salad with strawberries & avocado!

Look at the purple carrot!

The strawberries were sooooo good.

I used some cilantro to make pico de gallo which i ate with one of the avocados & chips
Our guinea pig Drizzle loves cilantro so much that i keep giving bunches to him :)

Hmmm Sicilian Collards w/pine nuts & raisins from The Kind Diet! I paired it with marinated baked tofu. I think this is one of the best things i've made.

I decided to start a 21 day "adventure" cleanse as layed out in Kris Carr'sCrazy Sexy Diet book, on March 1st. As i'm already vegan i just have to eliminate coffee, sugar & gluten, and eat more raw veg & have green juice daily! So my next meals will be guided by those guidelines!
I still have stuff left to cook so another post will come!