Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Bounty!

So far this is what i have made

Spring Harvest Mexican Bowl - i'm sad i cannot share the recipe but it's top secret as i'm lucky enough to be recipe testing for this amazing lady who is writing a vegan cookbook - but i'm posting the pic as it does include Kale & Carrots & onions from the box, and the chimichurri sauce it's topped with is made with cilatntro which many people got in their box this past week (i got mint)

If you want to drool over Krys' food like i have done for the past year or so then check out her website at Cooking With Two Vegan Boys and be in the know when the cookbook comes out! 

I did indeed make that Spicy Radish Sandwich - it was surprisinglys delish, i love sandwiches. I used WholeSoy soy yogurt instead, and i did not have Garam Masala so used curry powder instead. Yummy spicy sweet flavors. Weird & good :)  I think i will make this again. I used gluten free bread and my pic is open faced because i figured it would fall apart if i cut it.

I also did make that amazing looking Warm Potato & Dandelion Greens Salad and it was off the hook. Yeah i said that.  I really could have eaten the entire recipe by  myself in one sitting, perfect tang & bitter and creamy potato combo. easy too. I cut my potatoes up because they weren't that tiny & so there weren't many in 1/2 lb. Oh nd the coarse sea salt on top was the final deliciousness.

I've been using the carrots & avo in salads. giving drizzle lots of bits of greens and i attempted the roasted tomatoes and burned them, but let's not talk about that.

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