Monday, March 24, 2014

Local Box 3/20/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plans

Here's the goods:

Salad Mix
Baby Collards/Kohlrabi Greens
Sweet Potato
Meyer Lemen
Fresh Garlic
Multiplying Onions
Carrots w/Tops

I already ate the salad with carrots and the onions - they look just like regular green onions FYI - and my fave salad dressing from Bilssful Bites cookbook called Goddess Mint Dressing, using Mint from the last box (that I didn't post about!) and the Lemons from this box.
So good i actually ate the entire bag of greens

Kale I already used in my fave kale salad, ALSO in Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan, it's called Mac n Kale salad and has nutritional yeast and sun dried tomaotoes and avocado, pretty much my dream flavors

Oranges I've used in my daily green smoothies, this morning with strawberries and chocolate protein powder and a bit of the kale i had left over.

A friend of mine told me that they shred Kohlrabi and sprinkle raw over salads so I think I will try that this week.

Sweet Potatoes, I always just bake these up in bulk and eat them with a meal or even as a snack I love them so

The Greens - i will just sautee up on a night that I have pasta or something simple for dinner, always good with vinegar and a bit of nutritional yeast.