Saturday, August 27, 2011

Greenling box 8/25 - squash n stuff

so the summer seems to never end here in austin, and the weather and drought are affecting crops. summer stuff is lingering but it feels there's beginning a crossover - asian pears, butternut squash...

here's what was in my box - different from what was in the greenling video & list at the beginning of the week, i think that because my delivery is late in the week it's often different than the original plan...which is why i don't pre write my posts before my box comes

Garlic - a TON yay
Asian Pears - i love these
Red Potatos
Yellow Summer squash
1015 Onions
Salad Mix
Butternut Squash
Summer Peas

Garlic & Onion will go in random recipes that i will post later

Red Potatoes - my son likes them roasted, with onion, so that's likely

Yellow Squash --ooh looky at this Sunny Summer Squash soup from Fat Free Vegan, i can use garlic, onion and potato in it!

Butternut Squash - i will make the butternut squash & kale salad this week!

Summer Peas - I was really pleased with how these turned out last time, just plain, as a summery salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onions and lemon juice

Okra - again, ain't messing with a good thing - going to roast these again - my kids actually like it and it's so easy!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Peach muffins! They were so good
and look at the peaches!

I did just what i said - cooked up plain - then ate them with cucumbers & onions

Squash & zuchinni - i did it, i grilled them!, smart balance spread, salt, peper & garlic powder, in the foil, they came out so delish!

I still have my butter nut squash...good thing it lasts :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Colorful bunch - local box 8/11

I love this list of foods - just the names of much of the stuff inspires the imagination, beautiful, colorful, rainbow....purple, canary, yellow, peach, magenta...

Yellow Peaches
Purple Basil
Aimee Canary Melon
Pickling Cucumbers
Yellow & Zucchini Squash
1015 Onions
Magenta Spreen
Butternut Squash
Summer Peas
Assorted Peppers

I got all peach inspired plus i ate so many last week that i'm going to use these to make Peach Muffins and i think even this Sweet Corn Soup w/ Peaches

Basil -

The Melon is just replacing my usual Cantaloupe for breakfast - interesting, it was described in the Greenling list as both tangy & Sweet and indeed it is

Butternut Squash - i haven't had kale in a while so want to make this Butternut Squash & Kale Salad

Magenta Spreen - so these are described as a good spinach substitute - i found THIS website with tons of recipes, none completely struck me so i may saute and add to the peas, or with a potato for a breakfast taco...maybe some raw leaves in a salad, interesting

Summer Peas - still kind of over the stewy flavors so i think i will just cook these plain and then use in salads for added protein or serve with the Butternut Kale salad to make it a meal

Peppers - i'm always stumped, will use the jalapenos just on food as i love them.  still need to research what to use the other interesting ones, will update in next post!

Cucumbers - i must admit, and i'm sure some people would think it a waste  - but my sweet Guinea Pig Drizzle loves cucumbers & i haven't them lately so a have already given him one whole one! I will eat one or two in a salad, maybe add to the Summer Peas with onion & lemon juice for a summery salad

Squash & Zucchini - i am going to try grilling these

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Okra Winfrey

hahahaha - ok

so after the engine 2 chili, and the lady cream peas i just felt over tomato-y soupy stuff so i did't make the gumbo - instead i made this Roasted Okra i found on Fat Free Vegan  - so incredibly easy and so yummy i literally just ate the whole plate snack style like french fries!

The butternut squash casserole, (from the Wholefoods recipe app on my ipad!) OMG! I dealt with the chopping :) but it was worth it. Really tasty and different, perfect with a few red pepper flakes and plenty of salt and pepper

The Lady Cream Peas - i love these, and yes the corn bread was essential!

I ate the lettuce & avo in salads, i STILL need to use the eggplant, i'm thinking i may just roast it, or make a caponata.

For some reason this week i got the local box two weeks in a row so i JUST got the new one, yikes, definitely too much, will stick to every 2 weeks :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

food glorious food

I have so much food in the house its ridic - this week i got my regular local box AND another Engine 2 meal plan.  i'm smitten with them, i love the labeled items and the pre cute & packaged schtuff. it makes me over happy.

cutely packaged & sorted foods in my fridge, this is how they come

see how they are labled for the days??? LOVE

I went out of town again, so again the first box back is very welcome. I ate pretty well on my road trip to Utah but in general not enough fresh veg.

here's the contents:

Peaches - these are gone as i type, they were so delish, i ate them mostly cut up in my Optimum Slim Cereal w/Almond Milk

Bibb Lettuce
Sage Plant
Butternut Squash
Lady Cream Peas
Red Potato

Ok well Avocado & Lettuce of course in salads

The Lady Cream Peas fascinate me! They look similar to black eyed peas, and when i started googleing recipes i came up with THIS blog post & recipe from my friend Kathryn @Atxgastronomist who is also one of the Greenling Bloggers - so i will make that recipe sans bacon and plus some vegan cornbread

I love Butternut Squash, dread cutting it up - oh well, this Butternut & Macaroni casserole looks so damn good i will suffer for it and it uses Sage! Which i'm sure i will kill before it's all used up, i'm a bad plant owner.

After driving through Louisiana this summer and not being able to partake of the cajun food i have always loved, i think i'm gonna use the okra in this Vegan Gumbo recipe from Fat Free Vegan - plus it also uses eggplant! yeah