Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greenling box 6/39 - a grateful return!

Soooo glad to be back from 3 weeks of eating out &  being on the road - thankfully Disney World is fairly easy to eat healthy & vegan, and thanks to the new ipad 2 we fund some groovy places on the road too.

but i really really am happy to get my box and start eating fresh again

here's what's in it:

White Peaches
Assorted Summer Squash
Purple Viking Potatoes
Carrots w/tops
Red & Yellow Onions
Juliette Tomatoes
Summer Peas

well, i've noticed that since the summer, with the summer fruits & veg, and the heat, that whenever i get my box i truly mostly want to use the contents as is or in salads. So fresh and tasty.

I know it's kind of not as creativee & interesting as my earlier posts but i'm sure i will get back in the cooking swing with fall bounty

So....peaches & blueberries either on cereal or in smoothies

the peas, which seem to be black eyed peas, i'm gonna cook and then probably toss with the tomatoes, basil and onion and lemon juice or vinegar and make a little salad with it.

The summer squash will turn into Summer Squash Fritters from the Skinny Bitch Ultimate Every Day Cookbook, yes i managed to find the most fattening thing in this cookbook, but it sounds so good,  they are battred in coconut milk & sparkling water (?) & flour & garlic powder and pan fried.

Normally i would save all the cherry tomatoes for salads, but i JUST bought a pint at the store today without realizing i was getting some sooo, i have been craving for no apparant reason Roasted Cherry Tomatoes - and i can use the basil in this too!

I'm kind of obsessed with potato salad lately and have a 4th of july pot luck to attend so probably should do that with the potatoes, i have celery & i can use the red onion, vegannaise, something like that

I don't want all the lovely basil to go bad so i'm gonna attempt a Vegan Pesto - using walnuts,( i may get crazy and add some nutritional yeast to the pesto recipe as i'm all into that stuff now)  and toss it with some pasta - i'm getting a craving for butterfly pasta with pesto & peas or corn tossed in it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I heart Greenling - here's why

This past week, thursday came & went with no deliver. Sad face.
I had noticed that i didn't get my usual email, but didn't pay much attention to it.
So when i contacte customer service the next day it turns out a computer glitch cancelled my order. I told them i couldn't just wait a week because i was going out of town so i got a box delivered friday night! Yay
here's what was in it:

Bok Choy
Zephyr & Golden Zucchini
Red Onions
Green Beans
Cherry Tomatos

The above picture is a salad i made with the carrots, red onionis, cucumbers & cherry tomatoes - so good, the tomatoes are like candy
Actually i just realized i took that picture before putting in the cherry toms! Oh well
I'm probably going to use most of this box for salads
I will roast the fennel and add to a salad
I think i'm going to roast the zucchini like i did the yellow squash from last time, it was so good.

My best friend from London is arriving tonight, and she is an amazing cook so i'm actually hoping she will take the bok choy, maybe the green beans and the chives and whip stuff up for the next few nights! hehhee my evil plan.... i will post what she makes!