Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Local Box 7/24/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

so yeah, it's been AGES, like 2 months! For some reason suddenly i stopped getting boxes - they just never came, and ofr some other reason, I never called or emailed to see why.... I kept meaning to, then forgot, then thought...oh well maybe it's meant to be for a while. Then suddenly, the day I left for a road trip to West Texas, i got the delivery notice that my order was on it's way????

So i called my lovely next door neighbor and asked her to please bring the box in for me, take whatever would not last 5 days and put it away. I'm soooo lucky to have a neighbor like her

So....here's the box

Peaches - these she took as they were ripe


Yukina & Amaranth Greens Mix

Yellow Squash

Eggplant - really pretty striped ones!



Sweet Red Onion

Yukon Potatoes


I feel so unprepared having just got back in town - but another fun food thing I'm doing is getting the monthly surprise snack box from Vegan Cuts.  This month contained a sample of Ziggy Marley Orange-Almond cold pressed coconut oil, i'm dying to use it!  So maybe a stir-fry of Onion, Eggplant, Squash & Leek over rice

And maybe I will roast the potatoes with the coconut oil and Oregano, mmmmmm

I also have to cook for a dinner party and my friend suggested making an eggplant dip, stir fry the eggplant in the coconut oil, then blend it up with some tahini and spices.

Cantelope & Grapefruit = breakfast!