Friday, February 24, 2012

New to Rutabaga! Greenling Local Box 2/23

Finally - a Rutabaga - i have always always wanted to try one, ever since i made up a cute or probably corny song about them being fed to goats when i was about 7.

Here's the list - a super delish box this week:

Crimini Mushrooms
Flat Leaf parsley
Black Radish Bunch
Live Basil plant

Avocados - been avo crazy lately, I made a soy milk banana avocado smoothie this morning.

Broccoli, the kids love it steamed so that's nice but the box came with a really good sounding roasted broccoli recipe

The box also came with an amazing and simple sounding Kale & Mushroom Linguini, i would just have to leave out the parmesan to make it vegan.

Oranges  - i just juiced them this morning yum

the radishes are amazing looking - i will probably use in a salad, and maybe roast one, and actualy again a great recipe that was in the box for a lettuce, radish and parsley salad that uses avocados too, i don't think i can resist that one!

Rutabaga - i found a bunch of recipes for rutabaga baked fries which i will try.

well that was easy - so many recipes that work for me with the box :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

avocado love

Well this box was from LAST thursday the 9th - i've been so busy - so i've already made a few things from the box....(also i couldnt find my camera so i only have two pics and they are from my phone - sorry!)

Mustard Greens
Mizuna Bunch
White Mushrooms
Green Kale
Watermelon Radish
Spring Onion bunch

The Grapefruits were so good, i was sad there were only two! Juicy and sweet and big :)

Limes, i've been using on vegetable and salads but i am going to go get some raspberries this weekend and make my sons favorite raspberry lime muffins

I'm so into these gorgeous avocados! I made an amazing salad - Heart of Palm/Avocado Salad - this used limes too!

I used the Kale in this delish Lentil Soup with Ribbons of Kale  - made in the slow cooker

one of the recipes that came with the box was Spicy Mustard Greens & Mizuna with Cumin - i was soo glad for this as i was kinda tired of the mustard greens and wasn't in the mood for mizuna salad. Perfect way to use them and tasted so good.

Cucumber and spring onions have gone in salads. Mushrooms too!

that's it for now

Monday, February 6, 2012

lazy box

I just wasn't in the mood much to cook this past week, not sure why! So this is a lunch i had with the Mustard Greens, a kind of whipped of version of nice ass greens - green onion, sauteed greens, a bit of vineagar and a bit of nutritional yeast. i ate them with toast & hummus

I did make the delicious Ye'abesha Gomen (Stewed & Sauteed Collards) from Appetite for Reduction cookbook, and i added kidney beans for added protein and goodness.

I also just made this Autumn Vegetable Puree with sweet potato, carrot & turnip - i didn't puree them though, was lazy and just mashed. it was a success! Even the boy child ate it. 

I still have a couple of turnips left...hmmm