Friday, February 24, 2012

New to Rutabaga! Greenling Local Box 2/23

Finally - a Rutabaga - i have always always wanted to try one, ever since i made up a cute or probably corny song about them being fed to goats when i was about 7.

Here's the list - a super delish box this week:

Crimini Mushrooms
Flat Leaf parsley
Black Radish Bunch
Live Basil plant

Avocados - been avo crazy lately, I made a soy milk banana avocado smoothie this morning.

Broccoli, the kids love it steamed so that's nice but the box came with a really good sounding roasted broccoli recipe

The box also came with an amazing and simple sounding Kale & Mushroom Linguini, i would just have to leave out the parmesan to make it vegan.

Oranges  - i just juiced them this morning yum

the radishes are amazing looking - i will probably use in a salad, and maybe roast one, and actualy again a great recipe that was in the box for a lettuce, radish and parsley salad that uses avocados too, i don't think i can resist that one!

Rutabaga - i found a bunch of recipes for rutabaga baked fries which i will try.

well that was easy - so many recipes that work for me with the box :)

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