Saturday, August 27, 2011

Greenling box 8/25 - squash n stuff

so the summer seems to never end here in austin, and the weather and drought are affecting crops. summer stuff is lingering but it feels there's beginning a crossover - asian pears, butternut squash...

here's what was in my box - different from what was in the greenling video & list at the beginning of the week, i think that because my delivery is late in the week it's often different than the original plan...which is why i don't pre write my posts before my box comes

Garlic - a TON yay
Asian Pears - i love these
Red Potatos
Yellow Summer squash
1015 Onions
Salad Mix
Butternut Squash
Summer Peas

Garlic & Onion will go in random recipes that i will post later

Red Potatoes - my son likes them roasted, with onion, so that's likely

Yellow Squash --ooh looky at this Sunny Summer Squash soup from Fat Free Vegan, i can use garlic, onion and potato in it!

Butternut Squash - i will make the butternut squash & kale salad this week!

Summer Peas - I was really pleased with how these turned out last time, just plain, as a summery salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onions and lemon juice

Okra - again, ain't messing with a good thing - going to roast these again - my kids actually like it and it's so easy!

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