Sunday, August 7, 2011

food glorious food

I have so much food in the house its ridic - this week i got my regular local box AND another Engine 2 meal plan.  i'm smitten with them, i love the labeled items and the pre cute & packaged schtuff. it makes me over happy.

cutely packaged & sorted foods in my fridge, this is how they come

see how they are labled for the days??? LOVE

I went out of town again, so again the first box back is very welcome. I ate pretty well on my road trip to Utah but in general not enough fresh veg.

here's the contents:

Peaches - these are gone as i type, they were so delish, i ate them mostly cut up in my Optimum Slim Cereal w/Almond Milk

Bibb Lettuce
Sage Plant
Butternut Squash
Lady Cream Peas
Red Potato

Ok well Avocado & Lettuce of course in salads

The Lady Cream Peas fascinate me! They look similar to black eyed peas, and when i started googleing recipes i came up with THIS blog post & recipe from my friend Kathryn @Atxgastronomist who is also one of the Greenling Bloggers - so i will make that recipe sans bacon and plus some vegan cornbread

I love Butternut Squash, dread cutting it up - oh well, this Butternut & Macaroni casserole looks so damn good i will suffer for it and it uses Sage! Which i'm sure i will kill before it's all used up, i'm a bad plant owner.

After driving through Louisiana this summer and not being able to partake of the cajun food i have always loved, i think i'm gonna use the okra in this Vegan Gumbo recipe from Fat Free Vegan - plus it also uses eggplant! yeah

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  1. All I think about anymore is getting the Engine 2 greenling pack, it would make everything so easy!