Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm a fool for figs - greenling box 7/15

I was so darn excited for this box because i knew FIGS were gonna be in it - i'm a sucker for them. I am 43 years old and never ate a fig till my friend brought some over to me last summer when i was recovering from my mastectomy - she lovingly showed me how to wash them gently and store them and best of all eat them. I'm so addicted, they feel like a decadent gift

This week i also have to sing Greenling's customer service praises again. I also ordered the Engine 2 Recipe kit box this week, soooo excited for it - but when i opened the box it was not it. It was some randomm items, produce, staples & meat eeek.  I called emailed & tweeted, early this morning i got an email in response to my tweet. It was a simple switch up, someone else got my box. they figured it out and Grace called me and aranged a switch out. I'm thrilled

Ok list:

Blue Potatoes
Spicy Assorted Peppers
Juliette Tomatoes (baby romas)
Eggplant (they are tiny and green - interesting)

Figs - they are almost all gone
Nectarines & blueberries - just eat and put in smoothies

I got a grill this week! so this is all about grilling (i think)

Eggplants grilled - maybe like this and use the basil too!

I really loved the pesto i made last box though so may use basil there again

Tomatoes - in my salads - but same as the basil, last boxes roasted cherry tomatos were so amazing i'm kinda still craving them

Peppers - not sure - some are jalapenos, i just love them in anything, one banana pepper and a serrano, could make a little pico de gallo with onions & serrano, and tomatoes

Potatoes - cut them up and put them in foil with onion and grill them

Purslane - just found this PURSLANE SALAD recipe - looks delish and i have cukes and a lemon, and can use a jalapeno!

Here's the Meal Plan in the Engine 2 Recipe kit - omg

Day 1 - Portobello Fajitas
Day 2 - Baked Sweet Potato, Roasted Peppers & Greens w/Cashew Sauce
Day 3 Spinach & Mushroom stacked enchiladas w/beans
Day 4 Mac & Not Cheese w/greens
Day 5 Savory Lentils & Greens soup

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