Friday, July 8, 2011

Tons of delights!

i really had a blast with this last box, prob cos i was so happy to be home

here's what i made

This is the Peas, i just boiled them till tender, then when cool tossed them with some cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil, lemon, olive oil and salt. so good

I did make the squash fritters from the Skinny Bitch cook book, but i forgot to take a picture! They were amazing, and we dipped them in vegan mayo mixed with cayenne. I had some left over so roasted them again per the Fat Free vegan website - i love this recipe so much, here's a pic:

The rest of the basil and som garlic went to this VEGAN PESTO - which i used with whole wheat penne, & green peas, i love peas in pesto with pasta

The ROASTED CHERRY TOMATOES were off the hook, i didn't have any basil left but they were delish as is with just salt. I used some the next day smushed on top of toast & hummus. wow.

The potatoes were made into potato salad, just used celery & red onion, celery salt, vegan mayo & cayenne pepper. took it to a pot luck

blueberries and peaches went into a smoothie AND cereal AND juiced - delish

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