Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mushrooms FTW and more...

I think one of the best things i made out of this box was this Creamy Mushroom Fetuccini with the Cremini Mushrooms:

And this divine Pizza that Also had some of the spinach & the leek! I sauted the mushroom & leek before putting it on. easy peasy

Here are two salads, the first one is a basic one where i used the avocado and the carrots, the second is spinach salad with strawberries & avocado!

Look at the purple carrot!

The strawberries were sooooo good.

I used some cilantro to make pico de gallo which i ate with one of the avocados & chips
Our guinea pig Drizzle loves cilantro so much that i keep giving bunches to him :)

Hmmm Sicilian Collards w/pine nuts & raisins from The Kind Diet! I paired it with marinated baked tofu. I think this is one of the best things i've made.

I decided to start a 21 day "adventure" cleanse as layed out in Kris Carr'sCrazy Sexy Diet book, on March 1st. As i'm already vegan i just have to eliminate coffee, sugar & gluten, and eat more raw veg & have green juice daily! So my next meals will be guided by those guidelines!
I still have stuff left to cook so another post will come!

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