Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleansing - Greenling local box 3/10/11

so i'm on week 2 of the 21 day cleanse from Crazy Sexy Diet - feeling good, happy, energetic and still jonesing for coffee. 
It's convenient that this box is so full of greens!
So here's the list

Bibb Lettuce
Spring Onions
Green Kale
Navel ORanges
Bok Choy
Multi Colored Carrots

On this cleanse i am juicing and making green smoothies daily, so i know it's a bit boring but that's where a lot of the greens are going, kale juice & collard smoothies - delish
Even my 9 year old son likes Green Smoothies!

I've been really into kale & mushrooms lately, sauteing them  - so i think i will try this recipe for Braised Kale, Potato & Mushrooms

I also have a can of lovely chickpeas in the pantry so my do this recipe also or instead  - Roasted Chickpeas over Kale with Ceasar Dressing - roasted chickpeas are deeelish

This Collard & Carrot recipe will be perfect - minus the butter

Bok Choy - again! this time gonna try it raw - in this Bok Choy & Apple Salad

Lettuce in salads!
Oranges...just to eat
Tomatoes in salad and on top of Toast & Hummus, or in baked tofu sandwiches, with the lettuce & onions.

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  1. I LOL'd at the picture. Hilarious.

    That Kale, potato and mushrooms recipe sounds tasty!