Saturday, March 19, 2011

raw bok choy & apple salad & more

Like i said in my last post i was getting a little tired of cooking bok choy, and in light of the Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse i'm on i was thrilled to find this Bok Choy Apple Salad recipe

It is SO freakin good. Crisp, tangy, sweet, fresh, crunchy & easy :)

Also cooked my collards with the muli colored carrots in this super simple recipe [Collards & Carrots]- i just used Earth Balance instead of butter. I could have eaten a huge bowl of this as my entire meal but i shared it with a friend and ate it with a slice of toast spread with Grandma's Hummus - the best hummus in Austin!

Otherwise have been enjoying my green juices & fresh salads using Kale, mushrooms & carrots

still to come Roasted chick pea & kale salad

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