Saturday, April 9, 2011

awww pea shoot - Greenling Box 3/7/11

Pretty Pea Shoots
this box was was so green, it seemed like it overflowed with leaves upon opening, i need to remember to take a picture before unloading


Pea Shoots
Green Leaf Lettuce
Green Chard
Spring Onions
Multi Colored Beets
Heirloom Garlic
Romain Lettuce
Easter Egg Radish
Collard Greens

The Pea Shoots are so pretty and i found out they are super healthy - there are a bunch of recipes HERE - they are not all Vegan - but i am feeling so hot lately and craving crisp cold stuff i think I will use them mostly in Salads with the two lettuces & the Radish. And in sandwiches, i'm really into baking tofu and using it in salads and sandwiches right now

The beets i'm gonna roast and just eat or I'm thinking toss with roasted little potatoes & vinigarette

Chard - Swiss Chard & Carmelized Onion from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patric-Goudreau - she suggests using this a pizza topping, i happen to have some frozen cornmal crusts so i'm going to do that!

Collards - BBQ Black Eyed Pea Collard Rolls from Veganomicon - this just sounds like a nice change of pace from the usual stuff i do. The BBQ sauce is made from scratch from the cook book too!

I've been making some yummy raspberry lime muffins from the cookbook recipe testing i'm doing, over & over for my son who is hooked, i may use the strawberries in a batch instead, but sometimes i hate using gorgeous sweet fresh strawberries in recipes & smoothies, i like them on cereal fresh and as snacks for kids.

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