Friday, April 22, 2011

Scapes! greenling meal plan 4/21

well there were supposed to be radishes in the box but i didn't find any :(
but here is the rest of the list :

Red Beets
Garlic (a ton)
Spring Lettuce Mix
Red Leaf Lettuce

Lettuces will be salads, Strawberries will be in cereal, and smoothies and kids lunchboxes

I will get a 3 fer with Garlicky Mushrooms & Kale from Appetite for Reduction cookbook. perfect!
Also my son said that he only liked mushrooms on pizza and asked for that to be on the menu this week. Maybe sauted Escarole will be good on that!

But i also think this Escarole Soup recipe sounds yummy & easy and not to heavy for the hot weather.

Scapes are a part of the Garlic plant so i may use some of them in the garlicky kale recipe, there are lots of recipes online but nothing grabbed me. so i will just use them as garlic.

Beets! This bunch of beets are so beautiful and big. I have big plans :)

Roasted Beeet Tofu Burgers - look & sound incred, i have tofu already

Can't be Beet Chocolate Cake - sounds crazy, but yum and i really won't tell my kids and see

if there are any left this sounds like a good summery recipe Beet Apple Walnut Salad

The beet greens were good looking so i cut them off already and put them in a separate bag and will saute them in olive oil & garlic

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  1. I have made escarole soup before it was really good! That actually sounds like the perfect box.