Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vegan Greenling - The Thanksgiving Edition

Oh lordy this is a food extravaganza filled post.
I have still to post from that last box AND because my next box would have fallen on Thanksgiving day, I got it the Monday before, which was perfect because I was able to use the contents for my Thanksgiving meal.

Ok first up let's get the last box out of the way, here are my makings:

Roasted the Kholrabi & the Radish, with olive oil and salt and OMG amazing

Green Onion Hummus - this was so good - here it is served on a whole wheat tortilla with some Trader Joe's frozen falafel

Here are those incredible Orange Cranberry Muffins - i am kind of addicted to them and so is my son

here is a curry simmer with collard greens as one of the many vegetables
Before cooking up
after it was all ready!

So onto Thanksgiving, the box arrived Monday - i was leaving wednesday for Thanksgiving in Marfa, so the timing was ideal!

I took pretty much the entire box with me:

Carrots w/tops
Yukina Spinach
Sweet Potatoes
Bibb Lettuce
Broccoli Greens
Marrs Oranges

I used the sweet potatoes  AND oranges in Rosemary Citrus Sweet Potatoes from Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas.

I also used the red potatoes from the last box that were still perfect, for Mashed Potatoes

Not from the box i Made a Kale and cranberry salad and fresh cranberry sauce

here is the plate of it all with a bunch of other stuff!

one day i Steamed the broccoli greens and sorrel together, wanting just a huge plate of greens - it tasted ok but wasn't a great idea, the sorrel is much less hardy and so while the broccoli greens were perfect, the sorrel was over cooked.

I don't have a photo but made a delish salad with the bibb lettuce, a carrot, a bell pepper i bought out in Marfa, a cut up raw kolhrabi i had left from the other box and mades some dressing with Just Mayo, lemon juice, mustard and balsamic.

Luckily i was house sitting so had a whole kitchen with which to cook!

Oh and i also made a carrot soup from Happy Herbivore!  super easy and my son even ate it

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