Monday, September 7, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 9/7/15

Happy Labor Day!

Malabar Spinach
Garlic Chives
Sweet Peppers
Butternut Squash
Fingerling Potatoes

According to the Greenling insert - Malabar Spinach is not directly related to spinach, it's more like a "very distant cousin" Raw it has a peppery flavor but cooked is more spinach-y, so I will likely just saute this either alone as a side to a meal or with some Field Roast sausage & peppers.

Spaking of Peppers...see above

Pears: well just today I made a juice in the vitamix of Pears, an apple and frozen blueberries, it was delish.

Limes - I can never have enough limes, however I am going to make this Tahini Lime Salad Dressing as I have some basil in the fridge too, and you know i'm a huge fan of Tahini dressings!

Butternut Squash - I am going to try a Butternut Squash and Quinoa chilli from Chef AJ's ultimate weight loss program - it has all of my fave ingredients - black beans, jalapeno, corn, fire roasted tomatoes....

Fingerling Potatoes - roasted, say no more

Eggplant - i'm going to attempt roasting in think slices with no oil - sprinkled with italian seasonings. Maybe onions and garlic on there too

Jujubes - not a fan - we will see.... here's a pic of them though because they are kind of interesting i just don't love the taste that much and haven't found anything amazing to do with them otherwise

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