Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local box 8/24/15

Hi people - sometimes the box deliveries go buy and i've eaten up all the goodies and then it's too late for a blog post!!

So here's last week's box:

Butternut Squash
Assorted Peppers
Basil & Mint
Sunflower Shoots
Sweet potatoes
Lady Cream Peas

I'm afraid i didn't really take any pictures this week, back to school business meant i was just cooking, eating, putting in tupperwear ect...

i love the sunflower shoots!! I added them to a salad one day and then i made this amazing Avocado spread with mashed chickpeas, cilantro, red onion and the Shoots - so freaking delicious - i HAD to take a pic of this photogenic beauty

Basil & Mint - these went in amazing smoothies, i really love adding herbs to smoothies - it gives a little surprise taste depth

Cucumbers - ended up in a delish salad from the 22 Day Revolution book that i picked up from the library - it has some good recipes! I made a cucumber, zucchini, carrot salad, spiralized with a tahini dressing!

Lady Cream Peas cooked up i my Instapot Electric Pressure cooker, and I ate them with baked Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash and brown rice, simple and delicious.

New box tomorrow so will do a better job keeping up! :)

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