Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Vegan Greenling Meals - Local Box 12/28/15 (updated)

***UPDATE*** Greenling answered me on twitter (follow them @greenling) as to why the random items - the recent weather madness impacted crops!! so they had to scramble - i love that they can, and i'm always happy with whatever i get :)

i'm such a neglectorino - haven't posted since october - no excuses it is what it is!

Got my lovely box yesterday - it's funny, this time there was a lot of things on the list that I did not get - at all.  the list in the box mentioned carrots, tomatoes, cress, cabbage, turnips... I got none of that - however I did get some things not on the list, so they replaced it all!! I don't feel slighted at all altho I would have loved some cherry toms.

here's what i got:

Lettuce - looks like a butter lettuce
and the renegade items:
Bok Choy
Watermelon Radish
Green beans
regular radishes - red and white

alright here's the plan

Bok Choy - i just want to saute these with some mushrooms and tamari and ume vinegar

Cauliflower - Cream of Cauliflower Soup from the Plant Powered Families cookbook  by Dreena Burton - it has Polenta croutons on it!!

Grapefruit - i love Green smoothies made with grapefruit

Radishes - i'm sort of over watermelon radishes so am passing them on to a friend who loves them, but the other little cuties - i ate some in a salad today but i've decided to roast the rest - thanks to a bunch of blogs online touting their roasted glory

Collards - New Years Day good luck food! My fave way to eat these are in collard spring roll wraps

Green Beans -  Also from The Plant Powered Families Cookbook there is this amazing recipe that I've made before called Saucy BBQ chickpeas and Green Beans - made with a yummy homemade bbq sauce and roasted in the oven!

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