Saturday, June 29, 2013

Local Box 6/27/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

hey folks - so I totally missed an entire Local Box - i got the box, and ate the food - but no post. My laptop decided to take a week long sick break.

It's reached the height of summer heat - so pretty much from now till September it will be smoothies, salads, grilling and light meals

Here is this weeks delightful oontents:

Corn - my fave summer vegetable
Swiss  Chard
Malabar Spinach
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Onion

Ahhh Corn, just in time for July 4, gonna grill them up to have with our veggie dogs, watermelon and ice cream.

Tomatoes - in a salad no doubt, with the Spinach. or open faced on hummus and toast

Swiss Chard - honestly i can't picture doing anything other than throwing these and the Spinach in green smoothies

Sweet Peppers - i am imagining grilling these up and eating them on my veggie dog

Microgreens - salad

Cantaloupe - my son and i ADORE cantaloupe and have been eating it every day, i have added it to smoothies before but i think it will be all gone before i get to!

Beets - I love shredded beets and carrots in salad. Also love to add beets to smoothies for added nutrition oomph

Spearmint - maybe some iced mint green tea!

see you next week with the results

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