Monday, July 15, 2013


quicky post with last weeks makings:

on the fourth we grilled the corn! I also threw on the sweet peppers and some veggie dogs, I topped my dog with the grilled peppers.

Beautiful Tomatoes! I ate them topped on toast and guacamole, with some carrot sticks from the box before that that were still around!

Another item that was still around from the previous box that I didn't write about was a spaghetti squash - I roasted it and topped it with a delicious sun dried tomato sauce that used a box tomato. The recipe was from Christy Morgan's Wellness Reboot meal plan - I got to recipe test it - check out the plan HERE - and get a kick start on getting healthy and feeling great!

Beets, chard and spinach went in smoothies, Cantaloupe for breakfasts and snacks for me and Gabe! happy times

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