Monday, March 25, 2013

Local Box 3/21/13 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Brrrrr, why? why is it cold again. Oh well it helped me in one of my meal decisions this week

first I will start off with a couple of items left over from the last box:

Here is the broccoli tempeh saute from Eat Vegan on $4 a Day, served with brown rice. Super easy and tasty

Here is a salad that uses the red leaf lettuce, some raw broccoli and shredded beets

Ok on to this weeks box (or last weeks as i'm writing this, sigh)

Pea Shoots
Spring Mix

Pea Shoots, Spring Mix, Lettuce, Radishes, Avocado all go in Salads like this one - gee, i could add celery and cauliflower and kale and pretty much use the whole box for salads.

However, thanks to the cold weather, I am going to use the Cauliflower in a creamy vegetable curry from How it All Vegan, an old staple cook book by Tanya Bernard & Sarah Kramer. It's really good an been ages since I made it.

Whenever i get Mint - i have to make my fave salad dressing in the world - Goddess Mint Dressing from the Blissful Chef's cookbook Blissful Bites - so easy, toss it all in a blender! I doubled the recipe so I could have it all week.

This weeks radish bunch was HUGE - so I'm going to use another recipe from Blissful Bites and make Broccoli Salad with creamy mustard dressing.  In the past i've also made Radish Sandwiches which are weirdly good.

Limes - I haven't decided, maybe raspberry lime muffins i used to make if i can find that recipe. They make good salad dressings, and are in a lot of recipes here and there that I may not plan

Kale - I haven't made a good kale salad in a while

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