Monday, March 18, 2013

getting back to my roots

actually, I don't even know if Fennel is considered a root veg - it is a bulb, that would be under ground, so I'm taking it.

I did chop it up, along with a couple of the beets, and some turnips left over from a box of yore, and one purple potato I randomly had left over. I used very little oil, and just some salt and pepper.

Here it is as a side dish to some very good tempeh chick'n salad that I got from the Go Vegan app on my iphone - it's an app with recipes from the great Sarah Kramer. Very handy when in the store at a loss for what to cook for dinner. Anyway, it didn't call for it, but I added Dill to it.

Here is the cheesy broccoli with baked potato - from Forks over Knives cookbook. I loved it, the kids not so much. Could be that the idea of cheese sauce that's not cheese is going to be a process to get used to. could be that this particular cheese sauce recipe is essentially raw, with an entire raw onion, blended in the vitamix. The onion taste is strong. It's my goal to try all the cheezy sauces in all my cookbooks till I find one they like.

That is it! like I said in the last post the spinach, orange and grapefruits went into smoothies, and the lettuce & radishes in Salads

I still have some dill and have the potatoes to make the potato salad, also there is some broccoli left and I may make a stir fry with tempeh from the cookbook Eat Vegan on $4 a Day - by Ellen Jaffe Jones

It's the change of seasons - I love seeing how the box contents start changing! Till Thursday...

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