Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Fall all up in here

hey eaters - here's what's up for the first box of October!

Purple Hull Peas
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Potato
Louisiana Green Shallots
Asian Pears
Red Potatoes
Mini Pumpkins
Butternut Squash

the Peas - i'm gonna cook up like this - Purple Hull Peas from Fat Free Vegan - and eat with greens and quinoa

Sweet Peppers, salads or stir fries

Dill - some kind of salad dressing - like this Cucumber-Dill Ranch

Sweet Potato - i just bake these up in batches and have them with almost every meal!

Shallots - I used some today in Shitake Miso Soup!

Asian Pears - i love these, today i chopped one up in some vanilla soy yogurt, topped with pecans

Red Potatoes - it's roasted potato season!

Mini Pumpkins - they have a recipe with these, but i will probably use them for decoration :)

Butternut Squash - i'm craving these chopped up and roasted with onion and spices

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