Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Local Box 10/17/19 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Here's a combo post - because wouldn't you know - that in between boxes i got really sick and didn't even eat for a bunch of days!

From that last box i did roast the sweet potatoes and squash as they lasted, and i made the purple hull peas.

Getting ready to go in the oven

So here's whats in the new box from last week:


Purple Hull Peas



Mustard Greens

Mesclun Salad Mix

Fuyu Persimmon

Sweet Potato

Key Lime

Already made up a batch of the peas and yesterday ate a bowl with some chopped up avocado and tomato and Tabasco, and today i had a bowl with chopped onion, nutritional yeast and Tabasco. Delish and quick.

Okra - I'm gonna roast these up too! I love roasted Okra.

Mustard Greens - sauteed up in my usual Good Ass Greens recipe

Persimmons - i'm not a huge fan of persimmons but have been having them every day in my new fave fall Green Smoothie - Almond Milk, half a frozen banana, a persimmon, a red apple, a tablespoon of peanut butter, spinach and cinnamon!

Sweet Potato - the ususal

Key Limes - a salad drssing from this Big List of No-oil Salad Dressings

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