Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nanette & the Giant Peach (smoothie)

I wish I had a giant peach - I'm so in love with them.  I fear they are not actually balancing for my ayurvedic dosha but the summer is almost over so I'm going to enjoy their deliciousness while they are here.

For breakfast this morning I had this very delicious and unique tasting Peach Cardamom Smoothie - pictured here with a slice of ayurvedic banana bread I made and almond butter.  I did not use protein powder in the smoothie as I'm am staying away from processed foods as much as possible including the tons of protein powders I currently have in my cupboards.  So I added a half a teaspoon of vanilla. I also miraculously had saffron in my spice cupboard, who am I???

I made another smoothie with cardamom using one of the beautiful limes - Banana Smoothie w/Cardamaom & Lime - super refreshing in this 100 degree weather!

Here is a salad I made with the baby lettuce, microgreens & cucumber - it's topped with the Almond Balsamic Vinaigrette I posted a couple of posts ago - usuing the fresh oregano from the last box.  The almonds and raisins in the dressing are a good grounding balance to the raw greens

The Roasted Beet Quinoa salad is amaze - seriously.  The dressing with the garlic spices and mustard - so OMG.  I used red quinoa so mine didn't "turn pink" like in the recipe.  Also I used a mixture of pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds instead of walnuts, and maple instead of honey.

Till next time peeps

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