Saturday, August 23, 2014

Local Box 8/21/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

Hello folks - here is the photo of my lovely box contents this week - thanks Greenling!

Fresh Cream Peas

Bibb Lettuce

Amaranth Greens

Yellow Onion

Persian Limes


(the photo and the list show Bell Peppers but I didn't get any, i guess maybe they ran out by end of week deliveries!)

Cucamelons (!)


Red Potato

I'm cooking the peas as I type, they are bubbling in a pot with some carrots, celery & onion that I cooked up in some coconut oil till browning.  I will keep you posted on how they are and how I end up eating them!

Bib Lettuce - probably just salads for me and the kids

Yellow Onion - well one of them is already in that pea pot! I can never have enough yellow onions.

Persian Limes - I'm goint to make this Tofu & Sqash Curry - it calles for lime juice! It also calls for chard or kale but I think I will use those Amaranth Greens instead! I looked these up and you can stir fry them too so if there are leftovers I will do that also.

Watermelon & Mint - gonna toss together for a fresh snack.

Mint may also  go in a smoothie or two, or in my fave Salad Dressing Goddess Mint Dressing from
Blissful Bites

Cucamelons - these are so curiouis! they look like mini watermelons but are delicious cucumber things! I ate one all up right away because I cut it open to see what it looked like and to taste, and it was so good I just kept cutting more pieces and poppint them in my mouth

Red Potato - haven't decided yet - to be continued.....

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