Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Local Box 8/4/14 - Vegan Greenling Meal Plan

I hate it when it's almost a week later and just now getting to the post - sorry y'all, i know another box is on it's way.

let's get to it:

i didnt not appear to get the beans that are in the photo - however I love greenling so much I did not complain - stuff happens

Jujube Dates
Live Herb Plant - smells like basil
Pop Corn on the cob
Red Potatoes
Summer Squash
Long Beans
Sunflower Sprouts
Also i got Hon Tsai Tai - which is not pictured. but it's a green that is super healthy and tasty and can be stir fried or put in soups read about it HERE

I'm still on my ayurvedic kick so I am going to incorproate the squash, long beans, hon tsai tai basil and potatoes into my various Kichari dishes - click here to see some Kichari info! but if you google kichari you will find hundreds of recipes with slight variations, endless possibilites

The Jujube Dates are weird, taste like non juicy apples, I may use them in a sweet kichari dish or just eat.

Sunflower Sprouts - what if i snuck them in a kid's sandwhich??? will put on a salad and I know Drizzle will LOVE these :)

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