Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turnip Convert

sorry, it's not a pun, i tried to turnip into one but alas...

but the reason I called this post Turnip Convert is that indeed I am one.  I did not make the puree mentioned in the last post, instead, as I was trying to decide what to put the AMAZING Dill Tahini Sauce on, I decided roasted Turnip & Sweet Potato would be perfect. So I chopped up a turnip and a sweet potato, tossed in some olive oil, and roasted till soft, and I steamed some kale, topped it with the Dill Tahini Sauce (from Veganomicon)  and I think this is my new favorite meal.

Broccoli, lovely Broccoli - i used the Broccoli in a Broccoli Rice Casserole from the Forks over Knives cookbook - it used a cashew based cheezy sauce, and it was good. I took it to a vegan pot luck i went to and there was none left, and i failed to take a photo. You can check out some of the recipes from Forks over knives on the website - Forks Over Knives

I also ate some broccoli in this simple dinner - Steamed broccoli, brown rice, steamed sweet potato and the Red Pepper Sauce from Forks over Knives cookbook that had some Dill in it.

Here are the Miso Collards with a Kick from Unprocessed  - i halved the recipe and at the whole thing for a dinner one night.

The Swiss Chard and Mushroom tacos were a hit! I fed neighbor Kristen with them and she was happy as a clam (a clam that is not being made into soup)

Till next week - where I think there will be a new to me item!

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