Saturday, February 9, 2013

Local Box 2/7/24 - Vegan Greenling mealplan

got a brand new to me vegetable this week - Tatsoi - a green, originally from Asia. exciting

here are the lovely contents:

Mustard Greens
Mixed Lettuce
Red Cabbage
Brussels Sprouts

Avocados will go in my smoothies, and probably also on beans and rice this week

Mixed Lettuce - i actually made a delicious salad today.

Mustard Greens - Balsamic-Glazed Chickpeas &  Mustard Greens from the Wild About Greens cookbook - but it was originally from Fat Free Vegan - i have actually made this before from that website!

Tatsoi - Sunday is Chinese New Year - So I plan to make something celebratory - this Tatsoi Noodle Soup fits the bill. And I will leave a few leaves whole which is a symbol of a long life

Red Cabbage - In Viva Vegan by Terry Hope Romero there is a lovely sounding Fruity Chile Slaw with Creamy Ancho Chili Dressing. wow

Brussels Sprouts -My beloved Blissful Bites cookbook by my friend Christy Morgan, had the best recipe for this box - Lemon Roasted Beets, Brussels, and Yams - what could be better, uses 3 box items plus yams!

I did already us a small Beet in my smoothie this morning, mmm mmm mmm

it's a tough week for cooking - I'm in Real Estate futher education classes all day for 4 days - I'm not used to being gone that long and it's late for cooking some things when i get home, but if i prepare well by chopping ect I can pull it off

gotta go cook now!

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