Monday, February 18, 2013

Beets so lonely...

maybe only Austinites, and other old people will get that Pun - $5 Juiceland GC to the first person to comment on the blog with the answer :)

OK - as i predicted, i didn't get to everything due to the crazy schedule but here a few things

my son's fave breakfast - Avocado on toast with onion and Spike Seasonings

my fave breakfast - smoothie - I call this one a Red Velvet - Almond Milk, beets, banana, avocado, strawberries, maca powder and cacao powder

Tatsoi - i ended up using it on Chinese New Year, subbing it out for the kale in this Savory Greens Stir-Fry - from the Whole Foods recipe app that i adore. So fun to figure it out in the store and make your shopping list on the spot.  This was actually a huge hit with both my kids which is a miracle of all miracles.

I used the grapefruits in various smoothies, I tried to make an all citrus one with the lemon and an orange and it was too citrusy.

I am going to make the Brussels Sprouts today hopefully

In other vegan news, I was invited to a party where they were having a Frito Pie Bar, be still my heart...I offered to make a batch of veg chili so that I would not be deprived of this delight. You all know Fritos are vegan right? my junk food weakness.
I made this slow cooker Chili with sweet potatoes and it was a huge hit - i brought vegan sour cream and someone else bought some Daiya cheese. It was heavenly
Frito Pie Bar