Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soup City

Ya, the cold weather freezy snow day was defiinitely soup motivating!

I made 2 soups out of this last Greenling Local Box:

Rustic Red Kale & White Bean Soup - yum yum yum and my son ate his bowl so fast - amazing - and easy. It also used some of the parsley - Drizzle the guinea pig got some parsley too

Cream of Broccoli Soup from the Jan/Feb Veg News magazine - omg, this soup was incredible. It used ground cashews for the "cream" iness as well as cauliflower.  still dreaming of this soup

I used the Turnip Greens in this Balsamic-Glazed Chickpeas & Turnip Greens recipe. It was tasty but i wasn't in love, the turnip greens tasted a bit bitter, i guess i'm not used to them. I won't write off Turnip Greens but may not buy them in a store. Will try another recipe if they come in the box again. The chickpeas were delish, and i ate it all as leftovers the next day cold and it was a bit better

Used Napa Cabbage in an impromptu made up recipe as tacos, steamed some of the big outside leaves and used them as the tortilla. Filled with sauted mushrooms (from box), orange bell pepper, ground boca crumbles and onion (from box), topped with a bit of fresh napa. Pretty tasty, a bit messy, don't think i got the wrapping right, or the steaming time. but it was fun and yum. My friend liked them too. The picture doesn't really look great but here it is.

Used some mushrooms in green salads with the lettuce, and a bit of arugula AND some chopped cabbage, topped with the leftover chickpeas for a super charged salad.

I juiced the grapefruit with the tangerines, a lemon i had and fresh ginger. Vitamin C!

I still have arugula left, and cabbage. I want to saute the cabbage and hope to use the arugula still in that pasta recipe from the last post, but need to ge the pistachios!

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