Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Appetite for deliciousness...

it has taken me forever to use everything! Seems like this box had a TON - it's a good thing i get them every other week I still have the bok choy left (tho it NEEDS to be used tomorrow) and two portabello caps.

So i did roast the fennel - so easy, i ate it with brown rice, a dash of tamari & ume vinegar - simply delicious.

Salads were had with the bib lettuce & the micro greens. I also TWICE used the micro greens in place of lettuce in a vegan "smart bacon" BLT - So i called it a BMGT :). Fun.

Divine Sweet Potato Soup w/Coconut Milk & Quinoa - this was extremely delicious, love all the ingredients so much it couldn't help but be amazing. Quinoa and sweet potatos are such power foods. I ate this for three meals!

The rest of the recipes were from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook - Isa Chandra Moskowitz' new low fat vegan cookbook. Timely for me as i'm strill trying to lose some of the post chemo, post surgery recovery pounds. . Isa is my fave cook book writer - all her books rule.

Pineapple Collards - garlic, ginger, pineapple, red pepper flakes, nice & tangy - I'm a collard fan now. I served them with Blackened Broiled Tofu.

Sweet & Salty Maple Baby Carrots - the carrots that came in the box were pretty small so i figured they would work. This recipe was easy, just roasted, and it was good, a nice change.
The carrots RAW however were - i don't think i've ever eaten a more delish raw carrot. I put them in salads a couple o times.

Portabello Pepper Steak Stew - oh my gosh - this recipe is a definite keeper. Hearty & stewey, it has crushed fennel seeds & thyme which give it such a unique and tasty flavor, and the seitan plus portabello packs in protein. My meat eating weight lifting big guy friend ate two huge servings of this & has instructed me to make it again. A lot of chopping tho. 

The picture of the stew does NOT do it justice.

I don't think i made anything my kids liked, except salads. my son ate some of the mushroom stew, my daughter had a bit and didn't make a face. Oh an my son does love the sandwich. I will keep on though...

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