Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vegan Greenling local box 2/10/11

This box has 2 items that i have shied away from cooking forever, fennel & collards! Interesting...

here's the full list:

Bibb Lettuce
Microgreens - cute
Portabella Caps
a bag of cute short carrots
Sweet Potatoes
Bok Choy

I already used the Grapefruit & Tangerines - my son has been wanting to juice a lot lately and is into citrus, so we made grapefruit tangerine apple juice.
So my copy of the cookbook Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz arrived on the same day as the box! It's a sign! I'm going to try to make all this weeks food from that book. I'm excited.  Except for....

The Fennel - i'm just going to roast it simply like this recipe

And I have some quinoa i need to use so i'm very tempted by - Sweet Potato Soup w/Quinoa & Coconut Milk - i'm tempted by most sweet potato recipes so this may change!

Onward with my pics from Appetite for Reduction:

Bok Choy - Curry Laksa - this is a big bowl of pad thai noodles & curry & tofu w/vegetables, it sounds amazing. If i feel lazy & quick then i will make the Ginger Bok Choy & Soba.

Collards - Pinapple Collards - sesame oil, garlic, ginger & finely chopped pinaple sounds good

Portabella Caps - Portabella Pepper Steak Stew - i happen to have some seitan in the fridge that i didn't know what to do with so this is it. It's got a few more ingredients than i'm used to but it sounds so good and i should get it in before it's not stew weather

Carrots - Sweet & Salty Maple Baby Carrots - simple and easy roasted in the oven

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  1. As soon as I saw you had collards I thought of that recipe! So glad you got the book.