Saturday, November 3, 2012

Local Box 11/1/12 - vegan meal plan

Ya'll won't believe it, i have found a use for the persimmons!

I have been having smoothies made in my Nutribullet every morning for a month now, and also many times for lunch too. Now that my fave summer fruits are not so easily available organic and fresh I have been using mostly apples and a couple of frozen choices.  soooo tadaa, i added one to the smoothie and it was really good.

Ok here are this weeks items:

Slicing Tomatoes
Summer Squash (zucchini)
Broccoli Greens
Red Russian Kale
Sweet Peppers
Fuyu Persimmon
Japanese Turnips
Red Potato
Gala Apples

Tomatoes - probably on toast or something with hummus, and salads

Zucchini - well, when i see Zucchini and Eggplant together, I think ratatouille! I found a recipe in The Vegetarian Slow Cooker that also uses a red bell pepper, so I will use one of the sweet peppers!

Broccoli Greens AND Russian Kale - well as much as would love to make some groovy recipe, I'm so addicted to my smoothies that these greens will probably be used in those every day. In fact, here is a picture of one of those smoothies. It has a Broccoli green leaf, 2 kale leaves, persimmon, gala apple, strawberries, avocado, then topped with some superfoods, Maca, Cacao & Hemp, and blended with coconut milk.

I may saute up the greens with the rest of the sweet peppers

Japanese Turnips - first time having these! found this simple recipe for Sauteed Japanese Turnip

Red Potatoes - I can't decide what to do right now, maybe roasted, maybe mashed, something yummy

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