Thursday, September 13, 2012


So the secret stuff I couldn't post last week was that I was bringing a bunch of the food to a bachelorette party for my BFFL Cory. She knew we were having the party, she just didn't know where, what or how.

The place we went had some fancy camping - nice huge tents with beds, porches, electricity, AC and GRILLS!
Another girl was bringing tomatoes and mushrooms for kebabs, so I added the zucchini, and we grilled that

We sliced an oiled the the eggplant and grilled that

We grilled avocado

We squeezed the limes on the avocado and everything really

but the star of the grill, the grill thrill - was the Okra. Everybody went mad for the okra, just a litte bit of oil and salt and perfection

Ok, so I tried the pear in a salad, it was good. Crispy and a little bit sweet, here it is in the salad with box lettuce, and avocado.

The most amazing thing i made this week were the Butternut - Black Eyed Pea tostadas.  LOOK AT THEM!

topped with onion, avocado, lettuce and fresh jalapeno.

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