Wednesday, May 30, 2012

fennel & potatoes rule

i think the best thing i made this week was the fennel and potatoes! I didn't get fingerling potatoes like the recipe, i got blue & yellow small potatoes, it was so  so delish and unique tasting.

I did indeed finally make the coleslaw and it was divine, the agave toasted pistachios made this dish!.it made so much i really need to not make it unless i'm going somewhere i can take it

I also made the cream peas with tempeh bacon, it was pretty good, tasty and salty and I would do it again.

the radishes i sliced and ate on a piece of toast with wholefoods mock chick salad, it added a lovely sharp spice to it.

this is a watermelon peach smoothie i made with the peaches, just cut up watermelon, peach and a banana, amazing

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