Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peachy keen

I love peach season love love love - i know i should or could make a great recipe with them but they are so delicious i can't help eating them fresh!

This box had peaches & grapefruit - i love grapefruit too but i get bored of them a little so for breakfast today i put peach AND grapfruit in my cereal, weird i know the grapefruit but i got the idea from the Engine 2 Diet - Rip's Big Bowl uses it and when if first tried that it was amazingly good. So the pic above is my own mini version : Shredded Spoonfuls, Ikea Muesli, Almond Milk, Peach, Grapefruit & strawberries.

so here is the Local Box list for 5/17/12

Cherry Tomatoes
Cream Peas
White Mushrooms

Cherry Tomatoes - in my salads, and i'm going to roast some because i crave them!
Peaches - yum

Cream Peas - i know this recipe has bacon but i'm gonna try it with tempeh bacon to see how it turns out, can't be bad! Southern Cream Peas and (tempeh)bacon

Mushrooms - i love mushrooms so i tend to put these in salads raw or a quick sautee with spinach and onions for a taco.

Cabbage - i still never made coleslaw, i just keep feeding it to Drizzle the guinea pig or using some in salads or taco toppings - i'm DETERMINED Vegan Coleslaw NOW

Basil - i'm so easily influenced, i overheard someone describing some exotic smoothie with pineapple and celery and basil so i want that now.  The box came with a simple cherry tomato and basil recipe that sounds good and summery....

Fennel - omg to this recipe! Fingerling Potatoes & Fennel

Radishes - they are the cool black radishes - i already fed the greens to Drizzle - he's a lucky guinea pig, organic local produce :)
I may roast them which i love or there is this Black Radish and Grapefruit salad that could use the other grapefruit!
I also love the idea of Radish sandwiches - here are two one is simple Radish & Butter open face Sandwich simple and fresh  - the other Green Pea, Avocado & Radish Sandwich - what???? yum

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