Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Box 5/31/12 - Indian Cucumber!

this lovely box arrived on my birthday so it felt like a present! Here's the list

Cherry Tomatoes
Cream Peas
Summer Squash
White Mushroom
Indian Cucumber
Green Onion

I just made a lil salad for dinner with spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Onion and the interesting and very delicious Indian Cucumber - here is a picture, the left over part of the cucumber is to the left, it's short and fat and yellow.

Cream peas - i think i will make them without the tempeh bacon and just season them and eat with rice or something.

Peaches - mmmmm over cereal and in smoothies

Summer Squash - i think i will roast these

White Mushroom - salads or sauteed usually, maybe use with the summer squash on the a kebab - also found a yum sounding recipe in The Vegan Table by  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau for Mushroom Poppers, white mushrooms stuffed with vegan bacon & cream cheese, i need a party to go to so i can bring these!

Indian Cucumber, in the salad! there is another one left, i love cucumber and vinegar so i may make a Cucumber & Cherry Tomato salad of sorts, very summery and fresh

Kale - not sure - kale salad, smoothies, and/or my usual Nice Ass Greens - or actually the box came with a good looking recipe for Cream Pea and Kale stew - it

Green Onion - salad or sauted with the mushrooms

Beets - i probably will roast these - it's too good to not! but i just found a recipe in The Vegan Table by  Colleen Patrick-Goudreau for beet and sweet potato pizza, omg. It's kind of labor intensive so i can't promise anything!

cooking gets kind of basic in the summer!

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