Friday, December 16, 2011

Local Box Dec 16th - a new green!

This lovely box contained 2 herbs - Cilantro and Dill and they were so pretty that i put them in a glass with water and decorated my table for dinner!

here are the contents:

Italian Green Peppers - these look like long chillies
Bunch of Scallions
Komatsuna - the new green!
Fresh Dill
Watermelon Radish - this is a huge white with a tinge of pink bulb with beautiful green leaves
Bunch of Cilantro
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes

First of all that interesting Komatsuna - it looks like collards kind of. Sometimes called Japanese Mustard Greens, they are a good source of calcium! I thnk i'm going to just cook it like the kale from last time - in Nice Ass Greens - from the Sunny Days in Texas zine that i mentioned a couple of posts ago! seeing as the recipe actually says "1 bunch of unknown greens"  hahahah

Scallions will go in salads
Italian peppers, probably raw in salads and sauteed maybe with some tofurky sausage - yeah that sounds really good
Tomatoes - salads and sanwiches, i'm sort of craving a fakin bacon BLT
Sweet Potatoes - i kind of have a hankerin' for fries so i may chop them in strips and toss in oil & paprika and bake them in to fries. healthy. I like to dip them in bbq sauce or HP - a british tangy steak sauce i sometimes find in stores
Butternut Squash - will make Creamy Butternut Squash Rissotto in the slow cooker from the vegan slow cooker cookbook i have
Dill - in this Tofu Dill Dip
Cilantro - The box came with a recipe for Cilantro Pesto which looks good, i can just omit the parmesan. My son LOVES cilantro - we will have crispy tacos this week for dinner and use some of it on them
Watermelon Radish - well i was just going to slice it and use it in salads then i stumbled on this recipe for Sweet Pickled onion & Watermelon Radish Salad - that uses oranges! So can use those too. They look amazing.

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