Wednesday, November 30, 2011


my laptop has been in the shop for about a week, was getting a new keyboard put on - had a ton of missing keys thanks to my cat using it as a scratch pad once - and they told me the hard drive was on it's way out, then it was the holidays...soooo FINALLY here is a post
And i forgot to take a picture of the sweet potatoes which were the most awesome! Anyway they were from my new cookbook Vegan Holiday Kitchen (as are all the foods in this post)- basically sliced sweet potatoes, maple syrup, oj, soy sauce, pecans & rosemary. They were a hit at the table 

I did make the Salad w/pears and glazed pecans - a little labor intensive, and the glazed pecans were so good i ate so many as i was making them!

Butternut Squash Pie! Like pumpkin but not. It was good, really good, a little more subtle than pumpkin, perfect with some SoyWhip

I didn't make stuffing and i regret it, i'm still craving it, i feel deprived. I may just still make it randomly

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