Friday, November 4, 2011

Greenling Local Box goodies 11/3/11

I realize i don't think i've ever posted a picture of how delightful the local box looks when it comes so here is the bounty! Those are the sweet potato greens there being all big and green and leafy

ok so in this box:

Asian Pears
Carrot Radishes (those longish red things - really like part carrot part radish)
Sweet Yellow Onions
Sweet Potato Greens
Summer Squash
Sweet Potatoes

ok....apples, pears & oranges just for me to eat, kids too i suppose :)

Mizuna - the box came with some really good recipes and Soba Noodle Salad with Radishes & Mizuna really sounds ideal, uses the radishes too. I made some kind of soba noodle w/mizuna last time i got them so i know it's good.

Carrot  Radishes - see above! Will also add to salads that i eat daily.
Cucumbers in salads too and yes, some to Drizzle the Guinea Pig

Sweet Potato Greens - another of the included recipes is Sweet Potato & Greens Stir Fry - it says it was adapted from but i haven't looked it up yet. But i love almost any recipe with peanut butter!

Summer Squash - more zucchini - last time i had one left after the casserle and i just chopped & sauteed then added to jar spagetti sauce and it was so good. Will do that again. I'm also in a taco-y mood lately so i think sauteed, chopped tiny and mixed with beans in a tortilla will be delish.

Sweet Potatoes - see above with the greens - but I did already make this Sweet Potato Lentil Chili last night with a couple of them and one of the onions to get into the cold weather spirit! It's probably the fave chili i've ever made

I ate it with home made corn tortilla chips, jalapenos & Tofutti sour cream which is my current condiment obsession

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