Saturday, October 1, 2011


i really enjoyed being pretty basic with this box, cooking the veggies with a bit of flavor and just enjoying them

These were the Garlicky Green Beans - and Roasted Acorn Squash that i served with some brown rice
The beans were good but sadly not as amazing as the ones at Justines - the squash was sooo good and i used shallots left over from my last box rather than onions. here's a pic of how cute the lil acorn squash were:

Here is a salad i made with the butter lettuce:

I didn't get a picture but i made this delicious Sauteed Crimini Mushroom recipe - made tacos with them!

oh and i never posted this from a couple of weeks ago but here is Zucchini muffins & zucchini/corn bake that i made from cookbooks i have - my son LOVED the muffins - huge plus

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